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I'm a pure blood I.always wondered why pple portray werewolves to.be like in the movie were really not its crazy my fathers a were wolf nd for some reasoni was adopted by were wolves at age 7
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Does that even work?

How can ou be lifeblood if your adopted?

Autocorrect is killing me. You do see my point though.

There is no pure blood though given its a recessive gene.

There is no data to back up its genetic either.


I don't. Everyone that claims werewolf do.

I simply agree that you have to be born that way.

Not necessarily.

All theory. Which concluded my initial point.

Being tired from work is stifling my ***** attitude.

Actually being many packs take pride in pure breeding thru out the centuries there are implemented pure bloods.
Basically actual racism an nature being the stronger breeds or draws more attraction to this day.

I don't think it's in the blood...I like the theory that backs the mystical baby toe infusion. If one is born with the correctly shaped little toe, then they are a werewolf. There are some theories about toenail shape and what not, but I think that's a load of crap

Samuel L. Jackson in tha house!

Of course :) ...little toe Pft....it's the big toe silly, I know that

...it's a joke Morph...I'm an under appreciated sarcastic ***...a tragedy

??? Rolling. On. Floor. Laughing. My. Silly. Daft. Arse. Off. ???

Ah clever

Because you were born from the blood of life itself. Regardless of the situation, "You Came To Be, therefore You Are"
If people concentrated more on Earth-Unity, instead of Self-Unity, I believe everyone would understand belonging, while discovering their purpose.
Thank You Sir Bong.

Actually I do.

If you look at someone one with dissociative personality disorder, if they have two to three personalities, all work in unity to better the whole

You do?

You ok Morph?

How cute? Want an apple?

Mmmm *looks around* ...nope lol


You have to behave to get cookies


I heard cookies! :D

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