What Does My Dream Mean?

Last night i dreamed that i was at some kind of outdoors party. In my dream i drawn to this one girl. She was about 18 or 20 years old, with maroon-colored hair. Her eyes were a greyish green color, then she looked at me and her eyes turned red and she started growling at me. Then my eyes changed colors and i started growling at her. All the other people at the party acted like nothing was going on. Then the girl and me ran away from the party into the woods, then we were getting ready to p-shift and then fight. But my dream ended before we p-shifted.
The party took place at night under a half-moon at a baren area in a forest. Ive never had a dream like this before.
What is the meaning of my dream?
I want real wolves to answer that are older, not 12 year olds who don't know much about dreams.
Thanks for reading.

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foresights of the future,when a wolf dreams it actually means reality or may be it would be another wolf.anyways be vey cautious blue....

Be careful i have a bad feeling about this. I am not usually wrong about these things. Just promise me you will be careful.

I promise my best friend^_^

Thank you

Be careful blue! Wolves dreams often are foresights of the future...

I am a lucid dreamer, well almost. This is possibly a vision of your future. Which will be a while yet, and probably why it had ended because you don't know the pain yet to shift do that is why it had ended. This could have been a enemy, a hated person or a fight to gain a rank in alpha. Try at night to remember your dreams. I practice that every time. Very rare do I ever forget a dream. Heck, I remember my dreams when I was two, even the nightmares... But anyways just keep an eye out for things

Wow, it sounds like either an internal conflict or a conflict soon to come.


creepy stuff i think ill go too bed after reading this ~_~

Huh.... that sounds kinda how i look.... weird

Oh wow, have you had a dream like this before?

Not exactly like that one no but i have had dreams like this in nature before.... do you remember anything else about the girl?

In my dream before it ended she was half shifted in a white wolf. She was between the ages of 18-23. She was of normal height, maybe a tiny bit shorter than she should be. She was caucasian, a bit pale.

O_O my wolf is white

I have nothing against you foxdruid, so why would we ever fight?...

I have nothing against you either Blue trust me i have no wish to harm you and yes grey i know this sounds bad

We need to talk to somebody who knows more about dreams

What you commented that it didn't sound good so i answered?

Yeah maybe Morph will know....

Ill go get him ^_^

I pmed Morph

Hes on his way lol c:

Or you can pm him XP

No when I've seen her she's blond with blue eyes

Are you sure we were going to fight eachother?

She has a red dress sometimes and she does growl but its very... primal almost more of a shriek quality to it

So you think it could be the woman from my dreams?

I already posted my response to that question

They flickered red when she got mad

So blue and i could have dreamed about the same person?


I will when i can... im at a Christmas choir concert singing

Don't laugh at me :'(

My grand mother forced me =_=

Foxendruid, im blonde and My eyes have turned a light blue color before. Like the girl from your dreams

Uhhhh O_O do you like wearing red or is your wolf red?

Wait the girl in my dreams. shifted into a white wolf to... it couldn't be you then blue

Yeah, i like wearing red. But i hate dresses. My wolf is Grey & White though

No hers was pure white

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