I Need A Pack Please!

Sense the description of this site said that there are packs I figured I can try to be a member ok n one right? Heres a description of me in wolf form: I am solid black with brown eyes that change to red, blue, green and, yes, brown dependin gb one my mood. Are there an uh packs willing to take me in? I hsve turned a lot and it still.hurts.
Shewolf12168 Shewolf12168
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

My pack is looking for members. Message me if you want more info

Im a diffrent member but I need a pack!

Sure, message me and we'll talk

Ok. But im kind of suspicious ny nature though. If you could describe your pack Id appreciate it.:)

It's fine. Well we're quite a new pack actually. Don't have many members yet. My mate and I want to make this a pack that is strong and wise and is willing to help other true wolves that need it. If you wanna look at his profile my mate is CrimsonWolf38. We want to keep role players out of the pack so we have questions to ask the wolves that want to join and based on their answers and their age we determine if they get in and their rank, be it pup or beta. We want to have members that have a sense of restraint on sites like EP and the pack site. We don't want our pack members going around and cursing someone out or anything like that. And we prefer wolves that are open to other species (vampires, angels, demons, etc.) no matter how annoying they may be. Is there anything specific you wanted to know?

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