Werewolf, Yes Or No?

I'm new to this site and I stumbled upon it while searching for werewolves. Some stories I read were just baloney. Lol. But then I kept reading and I noticed that a lot of people had markings, like a bite mark on their elbow. I seriously had a double take on that because that's what I have. A bite mark on my elbow. Don't know how it got their and I know it hasn't been their forever because some of my friends have been asking about it and my parents.

I have always loved wolves too. From a young age I've loved dogs and wolves. Whenever I went to the zoo my parents would always have to drag me away from the wolf exhibit. I'm not the only one in my family who loves wolves too. My mother absolutely hates them, she says they are a bad omen. But my grandma loves them.

I also heard that being Native American can cause you to be a werewolf or something. I got that down splat. Cherokee, Lakota Sioux, and a few others. An out of my whole family I look it the most. I've actually had a full blown Native American ask me which tribe I belonged to. (Yes there are still tribes, lol) my father looks a bit Indian but not a lot. My mom looks Irish. But I have tan skin, almond eyes and thick hair.

So uh ya. I've also loved the night time. I used to stay up all night but since I have school I can't really do that lol. If you read all that I would totally want to give you a medal lol.
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I feel you man I have a mark on my right arm that I had forever like a mark when you have a really bad bite, and I just love full moon nights they make me feel wide awake and refresh

I do that too. It is hard since theres competion for food at home.

What do you mean?

I mean theres, ni rt always enough, for us with my appitite

Oh and I'm constantly 'fighting' with my elders. Like challenging them and their authority.