The Past Week

Alright, so I've been MIA around here for maybe about a week now, give or take a few days, so I felt I should explain why as well as what happened. Long story short, I was about 95% sure I was going to be killed on the fifth this month by...Well, let's just say it's something I've had a run in with in the past with my alpha, and we were scared then. Except I was on my own. And there were two of them. Along with someone/thing else I really didn't care to see as long as I live. Didn't really want to share this earlier, I knew at least three people that would've casterated me if I didn't let them help me, and I didn't want them to get involved or hurt because of me.

Anyways, I was threatened in an attempt to get information regarding my pack and my alpha early November, and I was told the date they'd need it by was the fifth. Over the entire course of November, I tried to think of alternatives. If I ran, I'd be hunted and killed no matter how far I got. If I fought, I'd be killed (And so would any of you, for the record. I don't care who you are or how strong you claim to be). If I gave them the information, they'd kill me since I'd have outlived my usefulness and then proceed to attack my alpha/kill everyone else in my pack. I didn't really have too many choices. I had to think it over carefully and consulted with Euro two nights and the night before the fifth. She wanted me to just give them the information in hopes my life would be spared, but that would mean putting a packmate (and a very good friend) in harms way, which I would never do. I'd rather be killed than live knowing I'd done that. It may not seem like it at times, but I actually value loyalty and honor.

Long story short, I called up a good friend of mine from back home (You could say he's closer to a father than my actual dad) and told him I needed a favor, and that I'd be willing to pay/work-off a rather hefty amount, as per standard agreement. On the fifth, I was convinced I was going to die, but I was going to go down with a fight at the very least. I had my will typed out, saw everyone I needed to one last time, took care of unresolved issues...The stuff you'd expect. My friend brought something like 12-13 friends of his own (Normal humans, but you play the cards you're dealt, and I was just grateful for the help). As some of you may recall from our conversations, the campus I attend is built into a forest, from which I live five minutes away. I entered the forest five minutes ahead of the others. We outlined the plan earlier. They weren't strangers to battle, and neither was I. This was about when I stopped texting my alpha after final goodbyes, and shortly after, assumed I had died.

The designated meeting location was maybe about 25-30 minutes into the forest from the far edge of campus. Out of earshot of students, faculty, and random hikers if someone were to yell in agony, as my assailants had planned it. Ironically, that ended up working to my advantage. I entered the location, and I was the first one there. Only for a short few seconds, though. The figures shortly emerged from either near or behind several large rocks amongst the trees, I couldn't really tell since it was sort of to the side of me at the time and I was looking for them elsewhere.

The tall, red haired/humanoid one spoke first.

"Are you ready to talk?" His two 'pets' stared me down, the eyes mortifying even in the daytime. I couldn't quite break their glance, so I responded while looking at them, instead.

"You ask like I'm gonna act like a coward and condemn my pack just because you're going to kill me. I'm not afraid of death, I've had so many close encounters that death and I are as close as brothers." I knew the attitude wasn't going to help much. But hell, what did I care, I was going to be dead either way. Might as well be honest.

The man, as expected, looked as though I had slapped him. If I were a bit more removed from the situation, I would have laughed at the look on his face.

"Oh trust me, it'll be more than just death. We'll make sure it's as agonizing and drawn out as possible."

Now mind you, although I had come to terms with dying, torture is another subject entirely. It didn't matter, things were going to proceed the same one way or the other, but let's just say I was a tad more motivated at that moment. Motivated enough to pull the 9mm my friend had given me earlier and shoot. Sadly, the shot missed. It was a tad bit embarrassing since I'm usually a decent shot, I'll admit, but obviously it was the last thing they'd really expected, and for a second, were completely shocked. I had enough time to think to myself "Oh ****..." before the two beasts jumped towards me. And then all hell broke loose.

Emerging from the trees, the mini-armada that had been thrown together last minute ran in, guns blazing. I wasn't really sure what was going on beyond my own personal situation, since I was a bit preoccupied being eaten alive. One of them had my leg, the other scratched my chest up pretty badly after tackling me and knocking me to the ground. I tried firing another round off into the one on top of me. It was bleeding, but it just got more angry. Luckily, my friend rushed over and slammed into it, knocking it off me. I managed to kick the other one off, but my leg was in so much pain that I couldn't stand on it. There was a nearby stick that looked like it could help support me, so I grabbed it and began limping away/using the stick as a makeshift leg, knowing full well how the situation as a whole was going. I looked behind myself with the intent of providing cover fire, and there I found myself face to face with Mr. Redhead, who quickly knocked the gun out of my hands. The only thing that looked terribly injured about him was his clothing, which had been ripped in a few places. Once again, the only thought I could register was "Oh ****..." before I felt an intense pain in my arm as I grabbed for one of my knives. He looked like he was going to rip my throat out, and I fell backwards, forgetting for a second one of my legs was out of working condition. However, even though I was completely at his mercy, he just...Grinned, and turned his attention to the rest of the battlezone. I was in utter shock. My friend, who I had lost track of a while ago, simply grabbed ahold of me and dragged me back, insisting that we had to get going. Although I hadn't planned on surviving (I hadn't told him that part), I could see that even if I stayed and fought more, it would just end up with the two of us dead.

We made our way back through the forest and into his car. The others had their own vehicles, so if they made it out alive, they'd be able to escape. I wasn't keen on leaving them behind, but they were his people, not mine, and therefore he knew what was best. We briefly stopped by my house and grabbed a few 'essentials' (Soap, phone charger, etc...) before leaving town. Figuring we might be followed somehow, we went a roundabout route that took an extra hour and a half or so. I wasn't sure if he wanted an explanation or not, but he didn't ask any questions. Something tells me he knows something, at the very least, but I still haven't asked. If he's curious, he'll ask me, and otherwise I can assume he knows or doesn't care. Once we arrived at his place (And I can't provide details regarding general location, sorry), we waited for phone calls from the others regarding their status. In the meantime, I texted my alpha, informing her I somehow managed to survive. Needless to say, she was a bit shocked. My friend and I then tended our wounds. He was in much better shape than I was. I ended up with a broken leg, and I lost nearly all functionality in my left arm due to a combination of a pretty serious back wound that affected my shoulderblade as well as another wound that ****** with my elbow. Various cuts otherwise, a rather deep one on my chest, a dislocated jaw, a black eye...You get the general picture, I'm sure.

This is where I've been since then, trying to recover. Things have gotten a bit better. My left arm has regained a bit of functionality (I can move my fingers a bit again), and I can eat without almost certainly vomiting not long afterwards (I don't even know what caused this one...), but I haven't had too much of a drive to come onto EP and explain what happened to everyone until tonight. Admittedly, it was more of an exercise to see if I could type something over the course of a day with my left hand, maybe get it back into working condition faster, but I was going to do it at some point anyway. But yeah, if you've been curious as to where I've been and about any rumors that I may have been dead, this should be a sufficient enough answer, I hope. Feel free to ask questions, but please understand that I'm currently still extremely cautious about giving my location up (I typed this up at my friend's while not connected to the internet and uploaded it via a proxy on a public computer in the next town), and I told someone I wouldn't disclose the details of what it was I encountered for very, VERY good reason since I know how certain members of this group would...How should I say it...Take things too far/start incorporating it into their own stories/start spreading false information regarding it...I'm sure you get the general idea. Anyways, I have to venture back tomorrow for finals (I have something that should prevent a surprise attack, so it should be fine. And I'll be in public), so I need to rest up some more. Hope to talk to you guys again soon!

Tl;dr - Been MIA cause I got ****** up, can only check this site once in a while for the time being, but I'll try to stay involved like I was before.
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oh thanks now i know what a song ment i couldnt figure it out and it was ******* me off

??? what does mia mean ???

hope you feel better.

We have some things to discuss later -_-