Clarify Please!!

Hey guys i dont mean any disrespect but i would like to get to know more about shape-shifting and wolves...Im new at this and of course the ******* media just lied to me so apparently i dont know anything about this!!! Please explain to me how you know your a wolf...what does it feel like to shape-shift...what makes you guys so different....sorry for my ignorance i totally blame it on twilight hahaha...thnx :)
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I think it depends on what you are. I change into a full wolf.

Oh btw what other types of shifts are there?

ok thanks guys!!! :)

You have two types of shifts.
1) The M shift or Mental shift
This is when you mentaly shift into your theriotype.
2) A physical shift or a P shift
I'm sure you can guess what that is.
Therians are people whom are born with the soul of an animal (Depending on who your talking to)
Otherkin are those with the soul of an 'imaginary' things (Dragons, Phoenix ect)
I'm a wolf therian (I really hate the term werewolf) And I can easily bring on a M shift but have P shift
Anything else?

I know (Phantom exc) but thosse where the two main ones. I'm not stupid

What do u want to know

people would it kill ya to comment