Too Many Questions

I have a bunch of questions if you have answers please comment and tell me, you dont have to though if you don't want to:

Where do you guys live, in one state, all over the world, in a forest?
What is p- and m- transforming?
What age did you first p- transform and m- transform?
What are the symptoms of becoming a werewolf?
Is being a werewolf genetic or is it "luck out of a hat"?
When do werewolves transform?
Have you always felt this "werewolf" sense in you or did it come at a certain age?
Do you all love animals, or have an animal love in you?
What are the extra senses of werewolves, super hearing, super strength?
What do werewolves look like in transforming, a full wolf or a inbetween wolflike creature?

Please any more things that you can tell me about yourselves. I'm just interested, and again you dont have to answer anything..........

P.S. Can someone tell me how to message people!!! ;D
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thank u commenting...what were the symptons of being a wolf when you were smaller

p - shifting is physical shifting. When your body takes the true form of the werewolf. m-shifting is mind shifting. I have only done m-shifting and Im 16 years old. Everyone's case is different and stories have their own twist on this supernatural fairytale. Mine is nicer then most. I dont have blackouts, im awear of my wolf... Im blessed... others wake up in blood.... i'll gladly answer more :)

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