The 50 - 50 Girl

Me being a werewolf is right and true so I will not waste my time dealing with people who think other wise. I am also wiccan, which I think has given me an edge. My werewolf, or wolf as I call her, makes herself known daily. We can not speak english,but she can make me feel what she is to tell me something that I need to know. I can control her for the most part. My training as a wiccan called out my wolf, but also prepared me for her. A full moon is hell yes, but I can not say that I trasform. Her mindset takes over at times, even when it is not a full moon. She and I share mindset about 50 - 50. To keep her calm and not as a killer like most she and I have compromised on many things.

1. My normal self would not stand up for myself so in trade of not going and killing them on the full moon she has showed me to stand up for myself and that is enough for her.

2. When the need to mate is strong I let her lose on terms

3. Before I sleep she comes out a bit just to blow off steam

4. We can shift between each other whenever, but we are to look out for each other if it is each other's land

My wolf is a blessing and I have seen her. To young werewolves you need to focus, don't let this control. Use it to be an advantage not an disadvantage.
FeetandPawsInTheSnow FeetandPawsInTheSnow
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You are a young one though....