We Usually Have Reasons For Being What We Are

Has anybody else noticed that we usually have a reason for being what we are. Usually most people that are werewolves or wolf therians have rough lives, me for example my mom would beat me whenever i was a young child and my mother has anger issues that are so bad that she has to take medicine to het it under control. Others on here are usually dirt poor, have drug abusing parents, alchohalic parents, getting bullied, or they have emotional problems such as; cutting, depression, etc.
So usually people on here who are REAL werewolves/wolf therians have it hard in life.
I just wanted to point that out.
Nice comments please.

~ Blue
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same here!i have actually experienced it once when my sis got angry at me for tearing her favourite magazine&acussing her she threw me on the wash basin she slipped and we both fell and broke the basin.and we were grounded for a month.

Ive noticed it too. My moms got anger issues.

I have noticed it too. I have always been extremely ill all my life as well as being bullied. Family issues don't help either. Just because I am slightly different than everybody else I get punished for it...

mmhhm,i'm rarely noticed at home,but i still try to play with everyone,but no one likes it,like i'm a bought pet that they no longer want....i'm used to it,haha. it's eased up just a little.

Yeah. My father was an alcoholic and would abuse me. I have noticed a lot of people that have bad lives though.

I know what you mean. There is like a weight that burdens each with most I've come into contact with its pain that weighs them down and I don't mean physically

Makes yup stronger with less human ties. Makes it easier to assimilate to a pack.


i've noticed to....good thing to point out.....but you've got to remember that 99 percent of the people have a hard life and 98 percent are roleplayers, and when they see real wolves say they've had a tough time they instantly do to, anyway, blue, you're completely right, i've never seen someone I don't believe is an RP say they've had it easy, maybe there is a connection with that and being a wolf-therian...idk...

Yeah I've noticed it too. Home wise I've had a great life. But there was a time where I would have died and a year was living hell. And depression is much stronger now that I'm older and have more stress, and my family other than my parents are complete ******** at times

I agree with you. Though I am not a werewolf. Many of the people on here have it rough. I know what its like coming from a broken family. If anyone wants to talk message me. I would gladly talk to you.