Packs Are Open!

If your a werewolf lookin for a pack come to Daylights. If you are unterested in joining please message FoxenDruid17 or Sisterinsoul (the alphas). Please have positive info. Vampires and hybrids are welcome.:)
BENDrowned BENDrowned
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Do u take vampire lords / demons If u now what that is

Im one of the Alphas of the pack. ill have to check with sister (the other alpha) but as far as i know we do

does any body else feel a need to steal all the steaks in the world?*licks chops*

Xp really?

Yeah I havent been very lucky hunting latly. The farmer with the cows keeps shooting at me. He grazed me right between the ears!*whimper*

Aww! *hugs her and hands her a hamburger*

Thank you

Anytime :)

I think just got a mate! *bark!Bark!HOWL!

Cool :)

Cant help it excited!!!

Wats ur name I think I know u

Which one?


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