Questions And Who I Am.

I won't say my wolf name, because I am much to well known among the therian community. I will say that I am a winged wolf therian. and... as hopeful as I am, I wonder if werewolves are out there. I want to know everyone's experience. Do werewolves really look like the majestic creatures they are often portrayed like? Do they just look like wolves? Does the shift hurt? Most importantly, when do you first shift, how do you shift, and how do you become a werewolf?
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Well from my mistakenly early partial shift, it is EXTREMELY painful. But I haven't been able to duplicate my actions since I'm not of a safe shifting age and I'd rather put off that pain for a little while longer

No, there's still pain from what I've noticed amongst the elder shifters. But shifting at a young age like mine could have and should have killed me

Me too. Not attempting it again for a looonnngg time though

How old were you when you first tried shifting? ...and how did you even accomplish it? like..... is it just "mind over matter" meditating? Or is it a spell, a "bite" or what? All I've ever heard of is the "mind over matter" method.

Oh, and you live in Washington?? me too! I live in north western Washington. 2 hours north of Seattle.

Bites don't work. Full moon is just hollywood. I did it by accident, but it was a sort of meditation sort of thing I guess. And cool! I live 45 minutes north of seattle

.....I live in Sedro-Woolley. You? ....You don't have to answer if that makes you uncomfortable.

I'm in Everett

Really? Too bad your not ever so slightly closer....... I'm really looking for people that are in this area to join.

Yeah. I mean I asked my mate how many wolves he knew of in our area, but he said he only knew six and they moved a long time ago. He lives in Marysville though

I don't know even one. I know a panther in Bellevue though. I went to school with her for 3 years. She's a really good friend of mine.

That's good. The only otherkin I know is my mate and he's a wolf. But that's it. It's hard to find kin in your state huh? It seems they're all in Europe or something like that

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