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hi guys, i know you are all humans coz u can EP, but I'm really confused, real werewolf? oh sorry, I really do not know what's going on. :( are there really werewolves? humans shift to wolves like jacob in twilight?? I've read some of the stories here and I don't know if this is serious or just some kind of society ? :(
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We are real, and were nothing like twilight nor teen wolf.

i dont get u.. can u send me an arcticle or link that's proving that there's a real werewolf?

We don't make ourselves noticeable by humans for obvious reasons. So no i can't send you a link or nothing

Please don't say "Jacob from Twilight". That term just makes my blood boil

i still dont get what u all are talking about.. prove me u are a wolf...sigh.. i dont believe there's a werewolf

And how would I ever prove that? Even if I tried to, you'd probably try and find something to explain it that would seem "logical" to you

u're just pretending..but anyway being a werewolf is what make you happy and different, no one is willing to explain what's really happening here.. hate me coz I'm so curious. yes i would think it's logical coz u r making it logical, why dont u just say u're just a society claiming they are werewolves.

You only think I'm pretending because you don't understand it. And we do try and explain it, but you just close your ears to it. We don't hate you because you're curious, we hate you because you judge us before you even get to know what the hell you're judging. You assume, which does nothing for you but bring you all this grief. We don't want ourselves being known for so many reasons and people like you are one of them. We don't cause trouble to you guys but you guys bring it to us. And you tell us to prove it? Prove to me you're human, prove to me that there are gods, prove to me religion, prove to me that there is a life beyond death.

yes, because some people here asks you how, why, what are you..but u chose to answer in a safe way, u are answering but u are not.. and if God,religion and life after death is physical, I'll sure prove it to u.. but dont tell me werewolves are spiritual.. coz werewolves have flesh.. we are here to understand what is really going on, but if u dont like, I'll just think u're just mad dogs... anyway, thanks for reading my story on my profile.

I never said werewolves were spiritual, and we explain it the best we can, we just know it won't reach people. It's a simple answer, but none of you believe us.

i;m here to believe that's why I'm asking, and it came to the point that i looked like stupid stranger for having an argument with u.. simple but deep answer, and only u those who know already really understand what u mean. u made an issue and playing safe when outsiders ask because u dont want to be recognized? with this 1,073 werewolves? u still keep it a secret?

So many of those are roleplayers, and all the real ones know it because of their stories and the answers they give. The real wolves are here to meet others, the fakes are here to live their fantasies that they heard of from a movie. Also, it's not like we're trying to keep ourselves secret, we just don't want every person to know because of the trend of reactions we get. We don't boast about our strength or what we are, we are what we are, we simply are here trying to find our "families" (packs) and some to find mates (which I still don't understand AT ALL)

so okay, u are a wolf, what describes that you are a wolf? 1 question, are you sure that u turn into a wolf (physically)? then if not, this is just some kind of fiction. am I right?

Most wolf traits don't come until you can shift, which is 17.5+. Mental shift is most common among younger wolves, meaning your primal wolf-like instincts come out and you tend to act on them. If you can't shift, then it's possible you either aren't a wolf or you just haven't found the right method to shift. But most are not a wolf, so yes you are partially right

okay thanks. :) so there's a method huh? I understand a bit.. and i am more interested with physical shift.. thanks

No prob. Maybe you can ask an older wolf about methods if you're interested. I'm still considered a pup, so I don't know very much

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