I Cant Take Living With These...creatures.

These humans...I hate them. I f***ing HATE them!!! I try, really I do, but every damn day it gets so much harder. I'm even on medication to help calm myself down, but it never gets ANY easier! The second I get angry for even a second, I just want to f***ing rip any of them I see to PIECES! ARGH!!!!!!! Why do I have such rage inside me?! I have so much hatred, so much blind f***ing hatred! I cant stand it anymore!! I'm skipping school today. F*** it. I'm not going near those little f***ers anymore....not today at least. I cant handle this today. I CANT. My mother doesn't understand. She cant. She isn't like me... She may have birthed me, but she doesn't KNOW me. I'm evil, I've always known there's an evil part of me deep down, and like today, it comes out. She's lucky she isn't here yelling at me right now, cause I'd lose it.   I need to get this under control....f***....but it hurts. It literally HURTS! WHY?!   It hurts...all this anger....I feel like im overloading....
Duskfang Duskfang
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Sometimes I feel that way too and I am human. So if you ever want to talk just message me. It makes it a whole lot better. Some days I just don't want to talk to anybody because right off the bat the get on my nerves but don't dwell on the bad things or life would just be terrible. Try to think positive because positive attitudes have positive outcomes.

*sigh*...thing is, I get like this when I get either angry or depressed...happens for seemingly no reason sometimes. But...deep down, this is how I feel. It just takes that last nudge to get me to express it a lot more openly.

By the way, I always wanna do all of that stuff to my classmates! :) And I'm not even a werewolf! ... At least, I'm pretty sure..... Eh, oh well.

*Nudges your side* im like that too, humans like be idiotic and selfish. But if it werent for humans the world wouldnt be the same. Some humand are nice and care for, protect and feed us. *Nips you ear playfully*

Hi. I'm human but I agree with you dude.

Well I am human and sometimes I feel the same way. There are just some people who I can't stand and I won't ever be able to. But instead of letting that ruin my day I look at the little things like I am alive another day. So I understand where you are coming from but on the other hand we are only human and we are far from perfect.

Nothing is perfect. No matter what those "Angel Incarnates" think. They're flawed like everything else. But the fact that nothing and no one's perfect is the fun of it

I agree with you 100%. To me there is no such thing as perfect anymore. There may be things that seem perfect but they aren't

There are more good humans than bad. And there are bad wolves as well. Don't hold the whole accountable for the one. Humans play an important role as do we. For a lot of us, the role we play and reason we came into existence is to protect innocent humans.

You aren't alone but you are NOT evil trust me ill be at your side to the end to help you

...I just...I want this rage to go away, but its always there. It tires me out so much, but I cant get rid of it. I only woke up 3 hours ago...but I feel so...exhausted.

Look humans are discusting horrible bloodthirsty stupid aholes who should probably be deleted from the face of the planet but some have compassion and feelings after all I was a human once. You need to give them a second chance :)