Yet Another Dream.

I had a dream a couple of nights ago of me.
I was in the WOLF point of view...
I was kidnapped after school because I was 'Rare'
The same man was there again... beating me with a cane in my dream... physical pain from my sleep and emotional whelps...
Any help please?
AWildLife AWildLife
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Uhh.. can I ask you did this man have a beard? Not too thick but around the jaw line. Also, was he in his mid 30's-40's and did he wear a brown hat kinda like a cowboy one but smaller?

........ Yes.....

Omg.. I had a flash of him like a vision when i was in the car at night. I shut my eyes and a car went past and its lights beamed onto my eyes and all i saw was that man looking down. Thats so weird

He has a leather brown jacket that comes under the hip.
Ankle black boots and wears chains on his belt.

Too bad i only saw his face. This is weird who is he?

The rare wolf hunter as I see it I think, he says people like me are rare most times.

People like 'you'. What do you mean you

Like werewolves. We are rare according to him.

Oh ok

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