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Do Yous Believe Vampires

I am no werewolf but human for now my dad wants to change me in to a vampire he sad that it would make me faster and stronger I now it's strange that I m talking to werewolfs but I need your option please comment thanks have a good one
Vampirism Vampirism 18-21, M 3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

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Not sure how this works, but if you talk to most vampires, they'll tell you that being a vampire is hereditary. But it is hard being a vampire. Especially one that is just learning to control everything new about them. Thirst, blood lust, you won't enjoy the sun very much, and a little after being out in the sun you'll start to feel pain in your skin, but you won't be all "Ahhh! I'm burning!"

What do you mean by "saved"?

Religiously. I assume they meant they'll still go to heaven if their baptized

I think vampires dont technically "need" to be saved since they have their souls and everything, just like otherkin and werewolves. However, if the vampire is demonic, or sells his soul, then that's a different story O.o

Vampires, as far as I know, are not demons. And holy water is just one of those stupid hollywood myths. So I assume it's the same as if a human dies.

Demonic What's that demons ?

Evil creatures from a place no one wants to go. That's what the legends say

Been there in one life. It isn't so bad if your a demon yourself

You were in that place? I don't believe in reincarnation by the way I'm a Christian

Yeah i've seen it too, (I lived there!) to me it's a barren paradise, there are hell dragons there, as well as other demons, some friendly, some cold hearted. (idk why i thought to bring that up.)

Friendly? Like a rattlesnake?

Lol not like that, but friendly as in they'll wait to see what you're all about before doing anything. Like, there are the ones that if they just dont like you they'll attack you, and then there are the friendly ones, who may give you a chance, to see what you're all about before making a move. And then there are the rare, good demons who dont wanna hurt anyone, but because of that, they're usually not there in that setting.

Yeah I was a demon. And it's okay if you don't believe in it. But it's not exactly evil there. They just punish the humans that have done great wrongs. Lucifer was an awesome brother to me (not blood). Of course there are some demons that have bad intentions, but there are others that choose to go against that stereotypical nature. Demons are a lot like humans, but they are also in a class all of their own. It's hard to explain.

Yeah, it's a demons paradise there, and for anyone human...God help you XD

Hahaha ikr? I never wanted to take part in the punishing but it looked like hell (no pun intended) XD

Lol, all I can remember of it was that I just wandered around there eating strange and exotic foods XD

Nice. Well I remember a lot more, but what I remember most was Lucifer playing the piano when I was having a bad day. (My parents were the worst demons in the world in my opinion)

I'm not joking. For demons it's actually a nice place. Close to earth but it is a lot hotter there. I liked most of the demons I met there. And the punishments are scaled to how the human or creature that died "sinned" or however you want to put it. I remember one, a murderer's punishment was to hear the screams of his victims for eternity. But if what you did isn't that bad, then it should be a lighter punishment...well that is, if you don't lie about it

Azsuranil, I wasnt exactly the strongest if you know what I mean, I had a bit of heart there, so I was like a good demon in a way :D And Greywolf, i'm not joking, although if you're a good person/wolf, you probably wont go there (although where I resided there was a weaker part of Hell anyway, so I was good there) It's like planes of the astral world in a way to me.

Azuranil, there are many types of demons, and the ones that tend to come here, aren't the nicest. If they don't like making trouble, they tend to stay in hell

Yeah, from what I have gathered, there is the hellworlds, which is like a lighter version of hell, and then there's true hell, which is where the baddest of the bad go.

Well I only said what was true. A human can never escape of course, but it can be different for a demon killed. Whether you believe me or not is up to you, but I don't want to argue.

The same "data" we have on werewolves and vampires and angels, we are what we are and we don't have to explain it to anyone. Like I said, you can believe me, or you can do what you're doing now and be a skeptic. Either way, I don't care. I was just saying what I lived and how I knew it to be. This is the exact reason I tend to keep things to myself about myself. I don't need to be told I'm lying when I know I'm telling the truth. Maybe you know a different hell, there are different layers of course, but that is what I did and my experiences in hell. And all those individuals are on earth, not in hell where I was or where it should be.

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my friend is a vampire and she is missereble alot i dont know if its to do with being a vampire but she seems happy when she is punching me because i clled her mrs jane when she dresses like a teacher

Have you ever seen heaven if so what's that like

A lot of werewolves are friends with vampires I've read but I'm not sure if you should accept because I've HEARD so I don't know for sure that a vampires soul cannot be saved so I wouldn't do that but its your choice