My family of mostly vampires are coming to change me to a vampire in a dozen weeks so I talked to my dad about vampirism and he sed that vampire and wolfs don t get on very well is this turth and sed I have to hunt what do vampires hunt sorry for my lac of info got told last week but what do I hunt I hop I do nt have to hunt what I thing I do please comment I need info before I comet to vampire life
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Wolves and Vampires aren't like that. Most wolves are okay with vampires and most vampires don't hate wolves either. I'm an example of that, my mother is a vampire and my father is the gene carrier of the werewolf gene. Though they didn't marry for love, they do love each other now. I guess it's a matter of preference. And honestly, I don't think vampires hunt unless you live off of animal blood...or if you're hunting humans or something.

As far as i know wolves and vampires are friends. in fact my pack (daylights) welcomes vampires. As for the hunting bit it depends on the type of vampire

What types of vampires are there

I only know there are different kinds... im a werewolf so i don't know lot about vampires sorry :(

It's ok thanks any way