Werewolf Vs. Humans.

Humans are sooo retarded. They think the're sooo great just cause they got thumbs. I aint saying all humans are bad but most of them are. This one human was horrible to me. He said that all werewolves were horrid disgusting idiotic beasts that are brainless and ugly. I told him I was one and he said that he would kill us all.:(. But I took care of HIM. You know what I mean.:) lol
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*high five*

*high five!* lol


Lol. Haha!

That guy was a totol ***

*Cool face* I was part of the great yolo19 fight of 2012. Yeah I'm awesome. Seriously you'd better get used to it because so many old folk making up stories hundreds of years ago and Hollywood are taken as being true. Yes that does prove their stupidity for believing that ****. If someone did that to me this would happen:

News reporter: today of Fox News were at the scene of the crime where a dismembered human body has been found in the middle of this forest, this young man claims to have seen it all happen
Me: yeah all I know is Im walking around here and this wolf just tears him apart, hey give me the mic stupid *****, Ohio, Ohio baby, Ohio
Reporter: thank you
Eminem: still no word got out (right here)
Me: *put in police cruiser*

Not really I just thought that would be a good take in the forgot about dre music video right after eminem say "wether its dark or not"

Wow. That's harsh. That guy had no idea what he was talking about. It's them that's the horrid, disgusting, idiotic beasts. They show they're brainless by not thinking what they say through and they are ugly through their intentions as well as most of their ways of perceiving religion and using it against people. The bad humans will try and bring you down to their level, meaning that they want to feel better about themselves so they try their best to find someone that's more confident about themselves and know what and who they are and bringing them down farther than them. So hold your head high, when someone tries to make you feel bad about yourself or anything like that, it means they're twice as insecure, maybe even more


Anytime. I go through the same thing a lot in my real life. Like my best friend always told me "Keep your head high and your middle finger higher!"

Iv had experiences like this. I'm sad to say but you're right most humans are like this but not all of them are

You seem very wise for such a seemingly youbg wolf. Your support helps me greatly.

Thnx normaly people would say you're just a pup what would you know. You seem nice

Just because one is a pup, doesn't mean we're inexperienced in other ways right?

Yeah but apparently it doesn't matter to them if you're a pup you know nothing. But the thing is I bet Iv had way more experience then them and if they had to face wat Iv had to face from when I found out I was a wolf untill now they wouldn't know what to do in the situations. But we won't be able to change there mind about it

Yeah after all I'm dating the kindest human I know

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Wow im sorry that happened to you

Its ok. Thats why I was so mean earlier. I did.t want you guys to expeirence it. I havent known you long but the pack is already like family to me. Thanks:)

*hugs her* im glad to have you in my pack :)

Im glad to have you as my alpha. Your waaay ni,er than my other alpha.

*smiles* thank you

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