Sometimes I Think...

Sometimes I think that it can be a good things of how humans don't believe in therians and werewolves. Why I say this you ask? Because if the world did know, and humanity can be cruel, you'd be treated differently, feared, unwanted and many others. But not all will treat you like this, but most will. Humanity thinks that they are superior and stronger and better than anything else. They would take things in that humanity does not know and test on them for answers. It's just like another creature. If its unknown, capture it, feed it, test on it and then kill it. It's like a life cycle for scientists. Wish there was a nicer way, like getting out more often, studie and watch the techniques and other things instead of being locked up in a lab. Don't you guys agree? Please no hate comments
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Basically humanity feels better at the "top" of the evolution chain

Exactly, even though there are much better evolutions out there. We just don't know it yet

Actually you'd be amazed at what's known.

Yea, but most of it is kept secret

Homolupuse : basically a none monkey species to put it simply, an do mean extremely simply.

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