My Brother Thinks His Boyfriend Is A Werewolf

He asked me to post and ask the real ones. Is there a way to know without asking? Some kind of signs? It won't affect anything if he is. We're just curious.

And please. No hate about my brother being gay.
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

no one will haten on your brother being gay i suport people who are and i agree with raz just ask and even if he is it wont change anything actualy things might improve i mean he wouldnt have to keep it a secret and secrets like that are hard to keep

Point blank ask.him. When I'm feeling insacure or something I can avoid the truth with ease. But if you straight ask him if he's ware,therian,or even furry that kinda pins Him. Also. I wear a collar. Have paw tats. And wolf memorabilia through out the home. Now I'm also not saying everyone that likes wolfs are one but it does away opinions