Lost And Confused

So I have been researching about werewolves/therians. Then I found this group. What I really wanna know is, who am I? I always suspect that my family is hiding something from me. The fact that I am a werewolf. I always have dreams about transforming into a wolf, once I had one which was very realistic. It was like my body got numb and i was shaking. Fur grew out of my body and I felt it. My hands turned into paws, then I woke up sweating and my body was sore. It was really weird. I tend to act like a wolf sometimes, one time at school I got mad at someone and I started to bite him then I got sent to the principal. I always hated people, they are greedy and power hungry. I just hate them. Anyways back to the topic, are these signs or something...? I'm just confused and lost...
Crackwolf Crackwolf
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

very scary