My dad sed I was very rer he sed when I tern I would shift to no wolf but sum vampire lord what ever that is do you people know what's he's talking about please comment if yous know what he's on about thanks and am sorry I am pestering u wolfs about vampires I m trying to gather as much info as possible before I make up my mind
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Real 'wolves' or 'bloodsuckers' don't shout about it

Going along with HybridFighter's bit, I do believe Vampire Lord is simply a title, not so much as what kind of vampire you are, now I am no expert on Vampires, now as for your dad, he may just not know that, or maybe he knows more about Vampires than I do, I mean the only thing I can say that I know is there is more than just being a vampire...there are multiple different kinds, usually they stay in clans based on their type of vampire. USUALLY not always, I won't say always.

I also am not a werewolf, but I have been talking with them for some time now.

We are werewolves/ wolf therians. NONE of us know about vampires. Go to the i am a vampire group and ask them questions

Yes I have but I trying to gather as much info as possible


I have leard that vampire lords are sum sort of demons my dad is one with the demons and sed he's going to train me to control this power so I won't be on this for a munth starting tomorrow nigth but he sed it will take a few years to fully control it so wish me luck I ll need it my friends thanks for your help o my family gust arrived ;)