I read that werewolve shave dreams of the future but this was more of a vision. Alright I was in 3rd or 4th grade when I got signed out of school to eat lunch then went back but this time I was collecting a toy called mighty beans (please don't ask why I don't even know why lol) when I was walking down the stairs and I just saw vision-like getting in the car and getting a pack but I figured it was my imagination and when I got in the car everything happened the exact same way and I had no reason to believe that would happen. Is this normal for werewolves
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The old mighty Beans were the best! Haha! IthinkIhavesomeinmycloset.
Anyways, I myself, have dreams of the future, but never a vision while I was awake.

i dreamed it in primary 6 and it happened in second year in highschool

once i dreamed about watching an anime in school at a precise point in the anime before i woke up and then it happened last week with one difference my friend matthew was there


It's normal.

Ive had one before. I dont think necessarily every wolf has them but the majority that i know do.

I have things like this happen sometimes