My Famly

my famly iether arent or dont know they are wolfs im convinced i am mabey my great great great great great great great great great great granddad was a wolf or somethinglike th
at can someone explain what might have happened cos i dont think my famly are wolfs but i am
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my famly dont believe that wolfs exist but im pretty sure im one so this doesent make sense like i said mabey it was my great great great granddad or something it may have lay dorment in my famlys blood line till i was born

Trust me if it's in your family to the level they don't shift there would still be a wolf close by an likely known of by the family.

Because you aren't, we don't let others completely wander.

Inactive do not make an active besides ypu wouldn't have been the only that would be odd.
Also I'm to assume your alone this doesn't happen in modern society we don't allow wolves to just pop up n throw everything in the air.

Well, there are some cases where the gene is latent. My father is a carrier, but isn't a wolf

I honestly don't know my history. When I ask my parents about it they never get past my great great grandma. I want to know before that, like people way, way, old, but they don't know. Even the one time I tried I didn't get any answer.
this comment isn't useful to you sorry.

Stinks, doesn't it? Haha

been waiting to post that for ages and i just never had the time