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I apollogize for the extreamly uncreative title, lol! I just didn't really want to bother thinking of a good one... anyway, let me just start by saying that I don't really have a desire to become a werewolf, I think I might kind of be one allready, (I think it's possible that I might have a bit of the gene.) but I would really like to visit a pack one day, maybe even join one. and I do allready know one. (well, just online anyway). I think I might allready have a bit of the gene, because it would really explain some things about me. for one thing, I seem to feel more energy from the moon then most people, and I allways have so much energy all the time, sometimes even too much. I also heal quickly, and I pretty much almost never get sick. I am very social, and I really like talking to people as well. sometimes, I even seem to assume the role of "Alpha male", in some way. I am NOT saying at all that all of these are reasons for me being a werewolf, but I think some of them might be... I also hate trolls, and I wouldn't say anything like this just to start something absolutely stupid. oh, and the werewolf guy I mentioned earlier, me and him have become really good friends since recently. he also mentioned that he somehow got my scent, so he was able to use a time spell to go to the past, and look at what happened with my ancesters. I really don't know much about spells, but he does. anyway, he somehow found out that a really long time ago, one of my ancesters, like, my great (X13) grandfather, or something like that, got bit once. he was working on a field on top of a hill somewhere, and he was about to fall down, and some werewolf saw that he was falling, and tried to catch him, but he got all scared and pushed him. so they both fell down the hill, and the werewolf somehow bit him while they were falling. or something like that, I don't remember very well exactely what happened, but he somehow got bit, so the gene was basicly passed on from there. also, sorry that this post is kind of long, and if I seem to kind of repeat the same thing sometimes. I'm just easily distracted sometimes, and it can make it a bit hard to think and type. and my family can be really annoying sometimes. anyway, that's basicly all I have to say for now, and I am not looking for any trouble at all, just answers. thank you very much in advance everyone, for all your help and opinions! :3
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lol! yeah, maybe... but personaly, I don't really like to say that anything is possible, just because I don't know about/understand it. but then again, yeah, maybe he is "full of it". oh well, either way, I still think he's pretty cool. and even if he isn't for real hey, at least I know more about werewolves now. I still don't see though, how anyone can make up that kind of stuff like that, unless he works for the C.I.A, or something like that................ actually, I don't know. maybe he could be for real, but who knows for sure? he probably thinks it's just funny to mess with humans like that, or something. although... I still think I might be part werewolf, or a wolf therian, but I'm still not sure about that yet, and I don't know much about that. but for some reason, my friend seems pretty convinced that I'm part werewolf though, and I've also been thinking the same thing. but I really don't know, maybe he is a fake, or he's just a werewolf messing with humans. ah well, either way, I'm sure I'll figure this out. (random thought of the day) oh, and by the way, Twilight f*cking sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one day I'm going to make a good movie about werewolves! so yeah, I'm sorry if I said anything stupid and/or not accurate about werewolves, didn't mean to offend anyone. I'm probably a lot stupider then the average werewolf anyway................

on another note...there is no spell to travel back in time...that is literally impossible with magic.
Your friend is full of it.

allright, wait sorry, let me clarify: my friend here says that he became a werewolf, because his friend accidently scratched him. the reason why is, because he somehow startled her, or something like that, but it was just an accident. she then licked off the blood, to clean it. so I'm just wondering: if her saliva got into him, would it really pass on the gene to him? or is he just like, mind f****** with me, or something like that? lol! because, I didn't think genes were that... straightforward, or something like that. so I guess it's not true then, you would have to be born with the gene. so in that case then, he either isn't really a werewolf in the first place, or he just doesn't want to tell me the real reason he's one. anyway, I really don't know much about genetics, and how they work, and D.N.A and stuff like that, so I'm really bad to talk to about this. if there is anything I need to know about this, please explain it to me! I would really appreciate it a lot! thank you everyone! to everyone, respect and peace out! *salutes*

ok, so now the website recognises me!!!!!!!! :D so glad I got that figured out now! anyway, thank you everyone for all your help and advice. respect, no matter what you all are, *peace*

sorry, I had to change my username a bit there. I tried to post a reply, and it didn't recognise me!!!!!!!! T_T oh well, I'm not very use to this kind of stuff anyway... lol.

right, I see. I'm sorry then, I thought I heard that biting passes along the gene, or something like that, but your right, that doesn't really sound possible.I don't think that's even how genes work anyway. I guess it just goes to show that I have to be careful who I listen too, and I allways try to look at the facts and do my own research. but still though, both me, along with about two other people think it's possible I might have somehoe got the gene, or maybe I'm just a wolf therian, or something. well, I guess it's either that, or someones using some kind of crazy spell on me to make me think, lol! naw, I don't think that would be likely, but I could be just human anyway. or rather, I think I'm just more in tune with animals and nature. and I don't really know if it's just a coincidence, but I've met about like, 3 werewolves online so far, and we usually get along really good. especially one of them, it's like we should have been brothers, or something. or maybe we just think on the same wavelength. I'm actually starting to think that maybe I would have gotten along better in a werewolf pack then I do in my family. or maybe I could just be human anyway, and I don't really feel so much that I'd want to change who, or what I am anyway. I've never really felt like I'm completly human, though, or it could just be that I don't fit in with a lot of society. I mean, I don't seem to think on the same wavelength as most people, but I guess everyones different. oh, and by the way, someone I know from the online is telling me that he became a werewolf, because his werewolf friend scratched him. is it true that that can happen? I'm still not sure of that yet........ anyway, thanks for helping out! respect to all werewolves! :3 peace! <3

I'm a wolf therian, but I dont know how to shift.... (PPSTTT.... help would be appreciated!)

Biting doesn't give anyone the gene or a wolves spirit it's strictly genetics

Yeah, what Blue said is true. No one can be turned by a bite. Your ancestor's body would have most likely eradicated any sort of infection or bacteria a bite would cause to anyone.

Biting doesn't turn somebody into a werewolf, nor a wolf therian...