Never Mess With Spells. They Changed My Life.

I apologis 4 some of my spelling! Lol ok so about a year or two ago I was fiddling and goofing around with some werewolf spells. And other "super" spells as I would joke about. At night on a waxing gibbous I went to the restroom and locked myself inside...little did I kow I would regret this 6 months later. I read the directions and read the spell loud as soon as I finished a loud thunderbolt shook my house. I started to get scared and went to sleep.
The next day I wanted something like beef for breakfast and had some Cheetos because my mom wasn't about to fix a big chicken 4 breakfast! Lol so I took the bag to school on the bus I just munched away and about half way on the route It was empty and I was still " starved " but I went about my day.
For six long months I would grow a lot of brown hair or some would say fur. And shaved about every two days. Let me tell u that that got very old very quick! My hair color turned to a light brown instead of blonde I thought it was puberty so I ignored it but now on every weekend I go out in the night I ignore vampires and stay close to fellow "wolves" while we hunt I've caught two rabbits a bobcat and a fox in the past three weeks. I know never ever mess with spells cuz I would never be the werewolf I am if I never goofed off.
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How do i know if im a purebreed every night i run but i run like non stop i dont get tired then i once ate raw meat for 3 days and i always have flashbacks of a man protecting me and he always turns into a wolf and idk i think that man was my dad

-_- wolves do not hunt other predatory animals.

What are you talking about? Why do you have to be such a tool and harass me all the time anyway? Just shows everyone what a fraud and charlatan you are.

Well, not to butt in here or anything, Morph, but, doesn't it seem a bit much for one wolf to take down a bobcat? I've some that live out here near me so I know full well what they look like, and do wolves even eat bobcat? o3o I can see defending things in a fight maybe, but as prey? I had something else to say but sadly forgot it..

My point exactly. Wolves hunt for prey and defend their territory but they do not hunt other predators. Mr gotta know everything apparently lacks 'data'.

And you were obviously being condescending.

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