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I have 2 many questions that i just want answered. the first one is if werewolves live in charlotte North Carolina? the second question is how did U become a werewolf and when (year of age)?was there any symptoms when u were younger to being "wolf-like"? If you guys could be so kind as to answer my questions it would be so nice...THANK YOU soo much and if you dont want to answer you dont have to.
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West Nc here. Charlotte is about 4 hrs from here.

ok kool thnx

do u know anywerewolf that lives there and is your whole family werewolves or is it just you and do you know all the ways to become a werewolf

ps thnx for commenting

No, sorry, I don't know anyone in North Carolina. My family members are not werewolves, but I know literally nothing about my ancestors, so I can't say particularly that no one in my "family" is a werewolf. Current living family members, no, no one is a wolf. A lot of people here on EP tend to say it is genetics, that's how I am one, from being born that way. As to ways to become a werewolf, there are many many legends of how to become one, the most popular, being bitten. But a lot say that that doesn't work, that it's just from the movies. So everyone goes with it that it's genetics, but nothing has been fully proved, to an extent.

Haha, you're welcome.

If everyone says its genetics and u say none of your family are werewolves how are you a werewolf and if you havent changed into a werewolf yet how do you know you are one

message me so that we can talk in private too

Okay, sorry for the late responce, I'll just message you.

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I've always had wolf-like traits as a child, I ran on all fours, and still do, I howled, growled, barked, and so on, and still do. I do not live in North Carolina, sorry. I was born a werewolf, but have not shifted yet, due to being too young to do so.