Ill Give Anyone 10,000 Cash For Calling This Number

my company and i would be very pleased to meet real werewolves in person ive already met with many other paranormals including werewolves to any one who calls this number ask for avery hartlin and if your story is real ill send $10,000 cash to your house
avery666 avery666
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Given the name itself. Your age which makes me doubt you have that much money and the fact we are the only group you have joined or asked. This has setup stamped alllll over it.

i will call

This sounds like a terrible version of Publishers Clearing House.


I am a weremouse with cheese rage. If you'll throw in a years worth of mozzarella then it miiiiight be worth my time, but I am currently in hiding for fear that the ThunderCats may find me

I don't think any of us are going to call you.....well any of the ones with common sense I mean it sounds like a trap

It does doesn't it? Like I said, it sounds creeper :P

Yeah, it reall does. I think there trying to lure wolves first for there own personal gain like weapons and stuff or it's a perv that's trying to lure girls

Eh, we'll never know~ unless someone actually calls them

Yeah, and I haven't talked to you in a while.

Scams are the best -_-;

Ikr, let's see if anyone falls for it, and when I saw you're name I remembered that fight me you and callum had, to be honest I totally forgot about it.

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-_-; Honestly, I took this kinda creeper :P

the number is 404-9371 please call us if youare any type of para normal

Even if you were offering 1 million dollars I seriously doubt that any of us real werewolves would even consider calling that number we're not freak shows were normal to our own little section of humanity so just leave us alone and never ask again!