I Just Wanna Say......

You know I've only been on here a few months and I've made a few friends...A LOT of enemies. I've trolled and been trolled. I just wanna say....

Happy Holidays to everyone from the big bad b¡tch.
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i like you :D

happy holidays

Merry Christmas, SheAngel!

I tried to but it keeps acting like it doesn't recognize your nom de plume. I'll try again.

I haven't been on EP for long. So I'm not familiar with your history. So Happy Holidays to you. I always thought if music could play as I enter a room, it would be Elton John "The ***** is Back". Every woman I ever lived as friend or family had a little hitch in her. So you sound like my kinda friend.

Lol just read my stories

Oh! Happy holidays:)

Always the way it is girl. That's why it's so important to take these holidays and whatever other free moment we have to remember, appreciate, and thank, the really true people we do find. Best advise I've ever gotten...'The more you focus on the positive in life the more positive life will be'.

Happy Holidays to you too dear

Merry Christmas to you too.

happy holidays from another wolf LOL

And the happiest of holidays to you, the sexiest Hagrid succubus I know ;) thank you for all you do

Meery Christmas angel! Oh, and have a fantastic new year so PARTY HARD! It's worth the new years midnight stay! lol, have fun!

Merry Christmas to you too beauty :)

May your yuletide be just so!

Leave enemy's and count friends

Even though idk if we are friends or what but happy holidays to you too

Lol honestly I don't know.

Lol well anyways I hope you have a good Christmas day

Happy Holidays!!! Why do you call yourself that??

Lold just read my stories.

Touche!!! haha will do

Eff people!!! I think you're extremely witty and dry!! And on top of that you're smart and articulate!! And for the record I'm perfect and NEVER wrong so there!!!!lol

Lol thanks.

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Happy Holidays/ Merry Christmas to you as well...

Happy Holidays! :D

Am I a friend lol

Lol of course you are.