how do i tell my mum and step dad im a werewolf i would prefere not to but i hate lieing to them. its because i was born one because my real dad was a werewolf and i was thinking of getting rid of it but i dont know how and i realised it was a blessing not a curse
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I honestly don't think you should. They'll think you're nuts, and if they're enough into Christianity, take you to the church to be drenched in holy water. Keep it, it's a wonderful gift. But if you ever get to where you feel you can't keep the secret anymore, you can find someone you trust to talk to about it and keep it subtle, or you could come here and talk to another wolf. Good luck

thanks i can only talk to my dad and a friend about it only because there werewolves so yeah thanks

Anytime. And yeah, I wish I could talk to my dad about it. But he's just a gene carrier :P

Oh man, you've got a real problem here... Well, if you wanna get rid of it, here's how:
First you've got to find yourself a Glenmoril Witch, then you've gotta cut of it's head and bring it to the depths of Ysgramor's tomb, draw the spirit of the wolf from your body, and defeat it. Sounds tough I know, but I believe in you!

Lol Morrowind reference. Fantastic.

Excuse me. Skyrim reference

I'm not a nerd, honest! ;)

I laughed at this. xD

I was a werewolf like you once... .then I took an arrow to the knee.....

All my brothers are out fighting werewolves, and what do I get? Guard duty. there is something wrong with us.

That's what you get for hanging out with the Companions ;)

Haha, hooray for nerds.

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1. It's a good thing you decided to keep it, it is a gift.
2. You don't tell them. Their just going to think our insane and take you to a therapist if you mention it too much, some parents if you mention it once. All werewolves hate keeping their gift a secret but It just needs to be done thanks to human society. You really shouldn't tell them but if your going to go insane if you don't then at least wait until you can p-shift to prove it.