What Are The Laws?

i was born a werewolf yet i dont know the laws but i am still a cub but i need to lern the laws. what are the werewolf laws
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Regardless of what you've been told,there are no ultimate laws of the land for wolves. Some areas have packs that have appointed themselves as the ultimate authority in which case its best to learn about those rules and respect them in order to avoid conflict, but I've been a vampire for 7 years, have been leading a small supernatural group for 5 of them. I've heard rumors about a vampire council in that time (which I've come to recognize as exactly that, rumors) but that's the closest thing I've found. At any rate if you're ever in need of more information don't hesitate to ask. The name is Tristan, and unlike most people who post here I have ways of supporting my claims to show their legitimacy. Let me know!

Your not a werewolf !!!!

and you are not a seed with potential.

this is great

I already covered this elsewhere.

He can look for it. It's called initiative. A trait I like to promote. Builds character

It's the journey not the destination.

Not always. All he has to do is type it in the search. I'm sorry but if they are to lazy to do that I'm not going to simplify it. You want him to see it so bad you can find the link. Not my responsibility.


Yes but I also made it clear I'm picky about who I teach. I do not teach en masse.

I said I had posted it yes. Because he asked. I pointed him in the right direction. Does not make him my student. Truth is I was the only one to post it as well. So it being my post is merely circumstantial.

so miss sheangel19, let me get this right.

I have seen this in many posts reading through your stories and other stories on which you commented:

You say you are the only keeper of the law, and that everything else that someone learns comes down to complete nonsense?

Then you have the nerve to say that he is not your student, and not your responsibility but he should still read what you have to say nevertheless? What is up with that?

It is difficult to understand your intentions with those you wish to make your students. It comes down to chaos magic, and misusing your responsibility to teach the young about magic.

But of course that is none of my business, each seeker on the path should come to a point where they have to make their own decisions, where they have to draw their own observations, and follow their own principles.

I am just not comfortable with your arrogant attitude as a practitioner of witchcraft and otherkin beliefs, where you seem to think it your right to force your own beliefs and observations on others as the absolute truth. I feel obliged to ask you, who passed away and made you the queen of the internet and other otherkin in said community? Where you blatantly call others fake without a second thought and not allowing them to evolve in their own unique way? I believe this attitude is reckless if not harmful to those beginning on a spiritual path, where you seek to destroy the bud of belief in something supernatural before it can start to bloom to benefit others. I see you as a very selfish little girl, who thinks that she is the only one entitled to special attention.

You seem to have no regard for the RULE OF ONE, that all things have a purpose, and everyone has something special in them, and what makes it even more clear to me that you are indeed a fraudulent spiritual practitioner, is that you absolutely fail if not refuse to see the special or sacred quality in other people around you. Why do you have to make werewolfism and/or otherkinism all about you?

This attitude would bring you more opposition and sorrow than anything else.

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