What Are The Laws?

i was born a werewolf yet i dont know the laws but i am still a cub but i need to lern the laws. what are the werewolf laws
cub13 cub13 13-15, M 3 Responses Dec 26, 2012

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Your not a werewolf !!!!

this is great

I already covered this elsewhere.

He can look for it. It's called initiative. A trait I like to promote. Builds character

It's the journey not the destination.

Not always. All he has to do is type it in the search. I'm sorry but if they are to lazy to do that I'm not going to simplify it. You want him to see it so bad you can find the link. Not my responsibility.


Yes but I also made it clear I'm picky about who I teach. I do not teach en masse.

I said I had posted it yes. Because he asked. I pointed him in the right direction. Does not make him my student. Truth is I was the only one to post it as well. So it being my post is merely circumstantial.

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