Please Help I Dont Know What To Do !!!!

what do i do my sister was ecusing me of being a werewolf and i tryed to cover it up but it didnt work and if i did tell her she will tell everyone and if i dont tell her she will figer it out then tell everyone please help i dont know what to do
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In this case she is acting like a child. Have you considered shes saying your lieing? You need to act normal around her, nobody will believe it anyway. Good luck

Ohhh hey guys! Im a vampire and i just cant control my thirst! Pleasse help me, i dont know what to do anymore. Im scared.....

Sorry not to be afencive or anything but I don't think a bunch of werewolves are going to be able to help with that

Im just so scared

I'm scared because I can't really control my transformation

Take a deep breath and calm down. Even if your cousin told people no one would believe her. Most humans still think we're fantasy and part of a dream.

ur right but they wont think that when the war starts

i can help email me at we need to talk cub




why would you think that

humans are creachers thats afraid to think that there are more powerful creachers then them and will kill anything thats diffrent

You wanna bet. Werewolves are to real!

ur just a stuped human girl how belives anything some guy says just cuz u cant handle the truth

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