Not Easy

it funny going from a alpha in one pack then going to be a follower in a pack.but I swear ill be the best damn pack member I can be.i wont be kicked from this pack I have a good feeling about this pack.
snowrunner snowrunner
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none my be wax but why you whent from one to the other. like i said b4 just learning


lol nice

Hell yea dude 2 paws up to u

Yeah. I say it once. I say it once more

That's it! Keep your spirits up!


wow :D everyone on here is awesome!

Thank you. Lol

hey u wanna be my friend or circle


sorry if I cant message u

I put 18 an up so I cant message u >.< (im really17)

Its OK I probably couldn't message you either. I'm 13.

What pack are you in?

"light of the lost wolf pack" my last one was "brokenshadows"

I am in Twin Rivers. I can't name positions but I know its the gamma or shaman. Were still figuring things out.

ooooo that's well I hope every thing works out

Yeah. Me to. LOL. But I know it probably will. Hope yours goes good too. so what elss is up

Not a whole lot. I'm just watching TV. Guess the most exciting thing today was talkin to my friends on here.*shrugs* other than that...


What are you doing?

just waiting for my gf to show hey ill let u go if u


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