This is for those who come on here and are ignorant about any or everything having to do with werewolves history,facts,myth and folklore etc. Almost everyday now there are more roleplayers that come on to this group and just assume they are werewolves with no legitimate reason as to why they think they are. Not saying anybody needs to explain themselves but what do you expect any real wolf's response is going to be when they see I woke up with a headache and was meditating the night before about wolves. Could I have nearly shifted. WTF on that one this is where research comes in to play which SheAngel has advocated since she came back on to ep a few months ago. Before I found this site originally which was 7 months ago I was researching on this topic a month before I found this site and wether I was one or not. Also after I was forced off only a month after I joined and found out what I was it was and still has been a journey for me. The point is I did what SheAngel advocated months before she came back to ep from my knowledge. Why because it's common sense to research and gain knowledge on any topic that arouses your curiosity and become less ignorant to whatever it is your curious about rather than claiming to know or be something that you have little to no knowledge about. Researching and educating yourself about anything before claiming to know or be something you know nothing about is a very crucial thing and is the difference between one looking foolish and ignorant to you being a credible knowledgeable individual. Moral of this story is the same thing SheAngel and many older wolves have advocated which is research before you claim to know or be something.
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I don't do research i just know what I am

so i read all you teens comments, and it is apparent that all you want to feel is special, it is all good and well , but by all means don't get your undeveloped egos swayed nor flattered by a dunderhead like will end up feeling less special after it....when you realize how stupid you were into following her in the first place.

Lmao how is that working for you? Is sheangel paying your debts and housing too?

Very True , I would research hours a day on almost everything to do with werewolves, but theres so much more to learn!

Infuriaa it's good to have that kind of motive about learning more on werewolves as well as almost anything else your curious about.

This story is really common sense. People should know this.

That's what I said in the post above but there are some people that don't like to use it but I can only hope.

you two are hilarious, if you want to actually have a mentor, forget about seeking mommy figures in women who are only telling you what you want to hear, get a girlfriend or a wife instead, or hell even get a kid TO MAKE YOU REALLY GROW AS A PERSON, because they won't bulllsshit you like sheangel.

Very true.

How can you be sure she knows what she is talking about?! *facepalm* if you want a mommy get a wife....not a RPG pup hoarder.

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Since all I have read has been from pups, I decided to give you all a little knowledge that hopefully become wisdom.
1. There many different families that carry the gene of the Werewolf. Mostly of european decent. However there are less and less triggered due to breeding with pure humans.
2. As real weres know there are also real hunters. There has been peace for a very long time and a partnership to keep rouges in line.
3. Weres are passionate people, some are leaders and some followers.
4. Weres are easy to anger, but control it most of the time.
5. I understand the emotions towards those who want to be a Were or act like one, but anger isn't the way. Pity and sorrow for them is a better way. Imagine those who feel the wolf but can't shift, that is what has happened to many out there.
Remember pups you don't have to be human to be humane.

strange, guy, why didn't they make you their ONLINE LEADER? Why pick sheangel? are you not that big of an attention whorrre to catch their attention? lmfao

very true! im glad someone finally stepped up to the plate and said it.

I feel as though what I stated is just common sense.

common sense? lmfao..........anyone following sheangel DO NOT FOLLOW COMMON SENSE but their heads stuck up in dungholes.

I want to research therians and wolfs but I can't find any book we sites or anything to research there is NOTHING that I have found so if anyone one know anywhere I can research this subject please tell me

I am just a human that has always like Werewolf stories but trying to get truth from not truth. IDK how good i am doing on that a lot i don't get but i am trying and i hope to make good friends when doing that i only got one person to talk to me so far but i am working on it but it hard to tell the truth when you are human and all you see is role plays on here and then you add movies and books i don't know.

This is so true.

I appreciate the feedback from both you guys. This has been going on for far to long not like what I say will matter much but hopeful they gain some damn common sense.

good point

Exactly! That's a perfect point! Congrats!