My First Experience.

I guess il start off with who I am.My name is Trevor and I'm 15 that's all I'm going to say. I know what most of you are probley thinking,just another teen wanting to be in a twiglight book... Wrong, I have allways Ben fascinated with the moon and wolfs since I was about 8 and I watched them on tv,and it just escalated from there.So think what you want,I know how I feel and the passion I feel for this.But my story now.It wasn't only about 3 mouths ago I had my girlefriend over(she is really into Wiccan and chi and spiritual stuff like that,she is not a hippe haha.) And I have allways talked to her about wolfe"s and how I would do anything to be one,and she was allways down to earth about it even she knew I wasn't meaning a 10 foot tall man eater,just a simple wolf form.But back to the story she was over and it was just a normal night only this was a full moon and we was outside with my uncles and grandpa having a fire by the woods the usual.The clouds moved and I just found myself frozen just dead stare at the moon,and no I didn't sprout fangs and fur and go on a loos lust haha.Just frozen and felt warm and fuzzy like everything was fading away it wasn't long before my girlefriend noticed and nudged me to get my attention,I was just blinded with anger like pure rage as a extreme hot flash hit me.The rest of that night I was so on edge and every little noise felt like it was drilling into my head.It has Ben some time since then and whenever it's full our ne'er a full moon I get like this and my girlefriend is allways informed by me when this happens.I really trust her with anything like I'm trusting all of you out there to give me advice.I don't think I'm not a wolf/werewolf whatever you wanna say,but I know I'm not a full wolf but I really whant to be,please some one out there give me advice,I have Ben thinking about this for 2 years and I know what I have read that it can be hard and I am aware,so please don't hesitate give me advise and insight.
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Okay well you should probably consult a psychologist, I had the same experience, except in a different scenerio, and a different place but the idea was the same. But I saw a psychologist and it took my mind off it. It really helped. You should too.

Spells don't work its genetic people these days

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Morphisto had to say this but your the coolest dude on here strychnine your just so cool : )

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Well dude people on here are to help with these kind of things but I get you xD

Yeah haha xD but I need to learn more about this p-shift and m-shift,Can you tell me anything about them?Other than one is physical and one is mental,haha