My Transformation In 5th Grade Elementary School

When I was 5th grade I was obsessed with werewolves and also my best friend but she was mostly obsessed with vampires and I came to her and said I am a werewolf but she doesn't believe me but then reactions of mine has been telling me I'm acting weird like a wolf so there she finally believed me but weeks passed I now found her fast and biting a lot so I told her and went to her seat and took a deep breath and told her she's a vampire but she doesn't believe me she just said "there's no such thing!" so I proved her the biting marks, her sharp teeth and her speed limit during our P.E (as in she was the only learner that beat that score in our school but sad it didn't went to the world record) but she can still see her reflection but I don't know why so now and then every 9:00 in the evening I become into a werewolf with a white, lack and a goldish brown fur but to hide myself in my room (but if we visit a visitor i go in their rooftop or their other room) until 10 pm so now that I'm 14 my transformation is still continuing but I found one of my friends being one with a coat desame color as mine except that she has different patterns. We were friends when we were 5th grade too but she wanted to be a vampire so she became one too but when she was 14 she was turned into a werewolf (I know because she told me when we met as werewolves)
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You lost me at your name being, RenesmeeCarliecullen. Sorry I can't help wannabes.

I agree Aeizwyn! You cant just Say " Im a werewolf " N then so be it.....It is in the nature of the bloodlines!

I just realized a fight broke out and I did not cause it.. ...I'm losing my touch :(


*strokes imaginary beard and scowls

Hehehe "...Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Aw *pout. You're suppose to say, "As you wish!" Or are you not familiar with this movie ;)

It's "THE PRINCESS BRIDE" *rage fills eyes *exclamation points times five


It's not a werewolf movie o.O

IT'S NOT ABOUT WEREWOLVES!!! It's about, "wuv...twue wuv..."

omh you guys have the best conversations

Princess bride! lmfao!

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Wow there are 3 fakes on here. The author of this story, werewolf1344, and silvercutwolf can't believe this.

Trust me in a story when ever you read that a child has fully shifted under 16 at least you know it gots to be fake morph ;)


I know Rage. I just like to make them learn that us werewolves are not something to play around with and the little kids should stick with their mommies.

Hey douche bet u. Won't come say it to my face

Go read his garbage and you will see for yourself.

@silvercutwolf I'm not going to argue with you hun. I could say it to your face but your all talk trust me. And if you really think by calling me douche hurts my feelings you must really be trying to prove your tough there. As I said go back inside your mom

@Lycaon1900 you realize your standing up for a fake right?

Spoken like a true moron. Why lash out at everyone? It makes no sense?

Just waiting for new comp to come in so I can crack open all Hell on here.

Use that term with me again and will go Django on your ***. That was seriously uncalled for

No, I'm white, aware of grammar, and not impressed with your ignorant childish rant. What? Are you 5 or just inbred? Your father/cousin must have beaten the intelligence out of you.

Its funny how he uses curse words in every comment and doesn't haveany intelligence what so ever

Mmm ignorance mixed with hatred causes ppl to act irrationally I'm done here

You think I care what a dumbazz has to say

Then why do you keep argueing with me?

Wow real mature

It was a spiritual or mental shift

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Some one call the men I. White coats to take slilvercutwolf away to th asylum

Ironically i realized i was a werewolf in 5th grade too. Im proud of it and im glad that you embrace it. By the way my fur is white with a black tip on my tail.

You are a fake, and you just proved it yourself. Real wolves don't shift at 5th grade when your 10 years old as Itold the writer of this story, if you shifted that youung you would be dead so idk how your still here, but since you probably can't understand that nor does she i will put this in simplier words... Y-O-U. A-R-E. F-A-K-E.

WOW. And dont listen. To them. Douche wolves. I too shifted young and here I am

First of all we are not douche wolves, you will only say that because you know we are smart and your imature. If you shifted that young you would be dead cause your body wouldn't be able to handle the stress, pain, and basically the whole transformation.

And here you are...arrogance and all

U smart u cant tell a wolf from a cat and secondly. I know. That. Most wolves that shift early die but I was lucky. Thanks to. My family I was use to high amounts. Of pain. So the shift was cake. Compared to what I have gone through

This made me laugh so hard. Spirit called it. Fake fake fake. Fake as Paris Hiltons tan.

Silvercut, please refrain from robot speech. It's a migraine to translate

@silvercutwolf, at least I'm not grasping at words. Its sad your fighting so hard to claim on to something your not.

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This so is so fake. You can't shift that young if you did you'd be dead go back to preschool

Bull...**** you can't transform until your 17-18 never mind15 your clearly a role player or faker

Yeh I agree with wolfsareawesome... your lying! This aint no fairytale kid. Dont let your head delude you...