Yayyy!!!!!!!! Hypnotyzing Helps!!

Yesterday I tried hypnotizing myself, guys you really shouldn't try this cuz when you have a psychologist performing this, he or she has control over you, and he or she controls when you should wake up, when you do this on yourself, I mean if you don't have control or you loose control really fast, you can probably leave yourself into the mind fences inside your brain. anyway, yesterday i tried this and I pictured myself in a forest at daylight and besides me was a rock a giant rock, after that many wolves from diferent breeds or just different colors appeared, they were like 24 or 27 mor or less. and after that, oh by the way they were little puppy wolves, but later a giant black wolf appeared on the rock and started to howl, he was so romantic and he was very handsome by the way, but that's another story, i looked at a puppy wolf and it was so cute that I actually call him and he instantly ran toward me and I carried it when suddenly all the wolves dissapeared and the giant wolf howl and disapeared, uddenly my little puppy wich I was carrying passed through me and never came out of me. I think he's me, hes just a puppy, my wolf is just a puppy so that's why I can't shift to early, I need to train myself and when the tyme comes I'll let him out and let myself shift. whatcha guys think. am I a werewolf already, cuz after that I did felt different.
SushyHusky SushyHusky
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Could you give me some tips on how to do this? Because I am a werewolf but can't shift, and I wanna see if this would work for me.

actualy I can't really shift at all, I keep looking human but I only act wolfy not human.

I'm confused your name and picture suggest your male but the story suggests your female well... WITCH ARE YOU?

Imma male.