Plz Somebody Help Me!

Plz guys I'm not a wolf but I really long to be one plz oh plzz help me I would do anything to be a werewolf any spells anything I think I am one but sadly I'm not shifting at night... Plz someone help me I will really appreciate it plz quick the stuff or symptoms I have been getting Is back pains and my eyes changed color I grew 3 in over nite plz I wanna be a werewolf plzz help me anyone plzz
Howlbythemoon14 Howlbythemoon14
13-15, M
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Please stop.

* me*

Hmm the greatest I have ever shifted was hybrid but it was interrupted... what city duo you live in. describe yourself to note

Bentonville arkansas

Well I can't help ya

Do you possibly know a spell

No sorry

Ok thx anyway

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