Plz I Need Opinion

I have read stories of people going to sleep and waking up wolf form is it possible that since i tried to shift today it could happen in my sleep PLEASE COMMENT YOUR OPINION!
Youmustbelieve Youmustbelieve
13-15, M
1 Response Jan 5, 2013

More than likely not. Obviously with your constant questioning, which is good for pups, you're just starting out. Wait till you turn 15, that's when it really hits you. Well... Depending on what you are.

What you are?

Shapeshifter, therian. I'm a therian for sure but there's something else. Possible werewolf. There's many things you should learn. If you aren't in a pack I can help you with learning all of it. (:

What is it like M shifting and P shifting?

I have no idea where you just wandered off to...


But, but, tell me please!

PM me. (PM- Private Message)
Hope that helped.

mshifting is mental shifting and p shifting is physical.

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