Is This Strange?

Tell me if this is strange but I like to be alone a lot for no reason but sometimes when I'm in my room I hear my family laughing at the tv and then I want to be with them for a while but then I want to be alone again it's an un vicious circle and I want to shake it off
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i know how you are feeling. We wolves need a pack. I love my human family and friends, but i allmost allways wants to be alone, because i cant be fully myself around them and we have a different conection with humans. We need to be with other wolves, its in our blood. It sucks beeing a lone wolf. Its like u want to be with someone all the time, but at the same time u just want to be alone because they are not like u.

People don't exactly IGNORE me they actually try to torment me

That's exactly how I am!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am kinda like that and for that reason I only got 3 friends everyone else seems to ignore me

I'm sort of similar to this. Sometimes I want to be alone, but when I hear my family having fun and everyone is together I want to join them. Though not long afterwards I end up going back into my room.

Yeah I can relate. Sometimes when I'm alone I want to be with someone, when I am not too much longer I get annoyed very easily and just want to be alone again.

Yeah, Im exactly like that.

Yeah after a few minutes everything gets on my nerves and I just want to be alone, its like a cycle. I prefer to be alone anyway, not sure if it would be different I if was with a wolf since in real life I know no wolves.

I only know one other wolf in person, it is different. In my opinion wolf company is better that human company. But thats just me.

Just from talking to wolves over EP I k ow it'd be better. Every human I've ever talked to was so immature I was in 7th grade feeling like I was in kidnergarden!

Right!? Im not going to bash on humans and make like wolves are supiriour or anything, I have a lot of human friends. But a lot of them just dont understand and can be so closed minded.

Ugh I said I got the game halo reach and 2 of my friends about passed out, flipped out and never wanted to look at me again over a video game!

...Im sorry but thats beyond childish for them to act like that...

"HALO IS THE GROSSEST GAME EVER MADE I ALMOST PUKED WHEN I PLAYED IT WHEN I WAS SIX YOU DNT NEED THAT GAME WHY ARE YOU OLAYING IT HAVE YOU LOST IT" not exactly but the next day *i sit at their table* "WAHT ARE YOU DOING HERE GO SIT WITH BILLY *a kid who bullied me* HE LIKES HALO TOO" not exact words but you get the point

WOW. Children need to grow up, thats ridiculous!

That was 6th grade! This year, 7th someone who is friends with the is who bullied me grabbed my kindle fire and SLAMMED it on the ground to try to break it. Thank you otterbox for saving my kindle!

Oh my gosh!!Who ever did that is a complete jerk! And yeah no kidding!

In elementary school I remember I was beaten in front of the teacher and he did nothing (well there was no winner or laser in the fight it was a draw) I was kicked Nader the stall while trying to use the bathroom, ect. I'm home schooled now, humans are idiots

Dear gosh thats horrible...Im so sorry. Im glad you dont have to deal with that now that your home schooled.

Yep listen to this

He threatens to kill me: grrrrrrrrr **** you *******. You ain't gonna do nothing

He threatens to kill my family: **** YOU SON OF A ***** *it felt as if I had to kill him, I barely held myself back. Its like all of a sudden I stopped caring about everything besides the want to get revenge*

Whoa that kid has real issues.
I dont blame you for feeling that way though. Humans can be so stupid and ignorant.

Yeah, my friend said when he threatened my family my wolf came out more

Yeah, I dont blame you for that.

Yeah that's sad and all but...



Shut up Craig lol jk. We can talk if we want to, NOW WHAT!?

Oh sorry o.o...we've problably been bombing your notifications .___. lol

Pm me shewolf.

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I wouldn't really say it's strange. I hear a lot of wolves crave solitude at some point.

I say that when I Hera them laughing I want to be with them but really I just wanna see what there watching on the tv I do love my tv

that is a symptom of bi polar disorder i believe..

Its a symptom of a lot of things and bi polar is widely miss diagnosed so don't worry the kid k?

No it is not a symptom, trust me I would know my dad, and little bro are bi polar

lmao thats why i said BELIEVE but thanks for clearing it up

It won't worry me I don't even know what it is

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