Can Anyone Help With M Shifts?

I've heard meditation helps but is there anything else im missing? Message me if you got some free time.
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Shifting database is the best place to start (google it). Try music, images or crystals (my preferred method) etc.

usual m shifts do not have an external trigger .it might have a very powerful emotional trigger. i experience them less often now because my mind somehow is always partially 'set' on wolf.
meditating always work. Close your eyes, reach deep and bond with your inner wolf. if its in you it will naturally work its way out for you. it always does.

Thanks, but how can I know if its there? I understand genetics is basically the only way but my family is complex and large.. how can i tell for sure?

and also emotional as in good or bad? happiness or depression or anger?

your emotions depend on you as a person and as a wolf. if you are asking about Mshifts does this mean you have completed a Pshift? or have you not gotten to that level yet? everything in my experiences are amplified. all emotions smashed into one. and as far as knowing if its there... its just something you know. are 15 years of age yet?

I'm just going to message you if you don't mind.

go right ahead

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