Any Buffalo Wolves??

is there any wolves around the buffalo area!?
zackshelpingpeople26 zackshelpingpeople26
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So I have seen the comments is there really a way to control it

of course there is my friend. it takes experience and practice and will.

I live in Rochester. That's not too far away from buffalo

Please to meet you moongazer : ) *nips at nuzzle*

Nice to meet u too

Are you full wolf yet? or still learning?

I'm still learning. I just figured out I'm a wolf maybe two months ago. What about u?

ive been for about 10 years. i can shift at will. something happened to me recently though that's completely changed me. if you have questions or help with anything feel free to ask.

Hmm I've been having trouble trying to m-shift and pretty much just focus. I know I'm still young but I want to start learning

i think i maayyy be able to bring out your wolf : )

Really? How so?

i will inbox you soon..

Okay and @ragedwolf awesome! You should pm me so we can talk

Added :)

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