About Me (part One):who I Really Am.

There has been a lot of crap going around and people making up rediculous conclusions about me. (For those of you that saw sage's succubus escapade) Im down right tired of it. I've had people think 'oh she would never say that to my face' or 'she is only like that online'. *Snort*

FIrst Angel is a nickname nothing more nothing less. A nickname i have had for well over a decade. I am 27, my birthday is april 7 1985. I had a horrid childhood, was thrown out at 18 when my father tried to take a swing at me for 'giving him a dirty look'. Needless to say i dropped him and said i refused to be treated like a slave anymore. I have worked law enforcement, i currently work in a plastics factory though due to some racial biased. (white people don't like hearing you intend to work for the tribe). I save and care for stray animals, i raised $5000 for Easter Seals by myself in a month. (Easter Seals is a charity organization for people with disabilities). I volunteered as assistant coach for cherokee combat sports for 3 years and worked promotions for Tribal Wars. Our sponsor. I taught juijitsu to teens and went to many tri state gyms. I work 40-70 hours a week, support myself. I have been homeless before. I build cars as a hobby and live a rather peaceful lifestyle.

I am alpha of a pack and have been so for about 5 years now. This came about when i protected a 14 year old pup from someone where she promptly tried to have me killed. I was unanimously voted to the position and i spared her life. The reason why is because if i killed her i would have made myself a hypocrit and gone against my own teachings. I had young students and they being inexperienced would have put them in the line of fire. I was not willing to do that over a vendetta so i took the high road.

I have a very busy life and good friends off the computer as well as my pack that does not solely function online. In fact we are all flying cross country to attend my betas wedding. So i assure you i have a very active life that does not revolve around a glorified message board.

Many of you have asked me about being a fae wolf. Fae wolf are a completely different type of wolf kin. The wolf part and pack life is te only similarity we share with werewolves. The reason 'most' have not heard of us is because we like it that wa. It prevents a slew of prepubescent children popping off 'im a fae wolf'. We like our privacy. Same way you do not see many true vampires. We are not some evil entity morph/sage likes to make us out to be. Fae is a word that encompasses many types, not just wolves. Its to mean 'magical being or magical origin'.

I also volunteer my services in that department as well. I sometimes do research work for actual hunters. As some of you know i do this to break the stereotype that we are blood thirsty monsters and they are indescriminate murders. Overall just better social dynamic. I also on extreme rare occassion teach and offer protection to those who need it. I never charge and simply have to be asked. I assess situation then decide if it actually need my attention or not.

Lastly i serve the goddess Selene who is the mother of MY kin. It was a choice not a requirement and ive never regretted it.

So before all of you start running around making your pathetic half baked assumptions try actually getting to know me. Do not demand my respect or my help. Show me you deserve it. You may not like me or my methods but i am damn good at what i do. The fact im a long running alpha and well known in my community says such. Also i assure you im the same blunt ***** in person i am on here. Its what made me a good coach and a good D.O.
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Wow you are amazing I would love to hear what you have to say. This blows my mind. And I am white but still maybe you can reply back when you get the time.

Ok, I don't really anything about this website and am utterly confused about everything you are all saying. So I start here, are you actually Werewolves? Or is the a fantasy thing, I am not sure WTF is going on, and I mean not to offend anyone here, and if I am say so, I would not mind. What confuses me is I have ran into fantasy Werewolf places and got confused. So if someone could just please clarify, would help out. Please explain, are you all really Werewolves or just pranking people? And again no offense intended what so ever, and I am offending people I apologize. Thanks :)

some are real. some are not. some are role players that think they are the real deal. some are people trying to learn. it's only the condescending questions we find offensive.

Ok, thanks for letting me know. I will not be condescending and if I am I am not trying to be.

Trust me I'm blunt and come across condescending all the time.

you're awesome, **** the social media :D

Angel laying down the smack down!

But seriously tho, anyone who questions if she's legit, she is. Angel is the best.

I really know nothing about your kind, but you sound quite lovely and compassionate - thank you for sharing

So fae wolf and werewolf are not the same but they do have a thew things in common. I see, Ive almost never heard the term fae wolf.

That was very well said! Part two was well said, too! (definitely) lol

My first reading of your story, but I like it. Strong, determined yet morally good and fair. I hope we can converse in the future...

Be sure to read part two lol

I plan too.

stay strong dearie. if people dont like what they see in you then they can **** off. seriously...they don't need an explanation because they will never get it.

I did it to make a point

a point to people who dont get it..but alright. whatever doesn't wear you down XD

lol read part two

omg there's a part two? -__- lol

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Thank you, For sharing your story: It was powerful!!!!

so, is this werewolf thing symbolic or real?

New here. I must say, this is a well written post and to the point. I like it and look forward to following additional posts.

do werewolves really exist? i don't mean to offend anyone :)

Yeah, they do

Thank you for sharing

Yay, your still on EP. And your post has taught me quite a bit about you that i didn't know. So yep

your strong... i like that. nice to meet you by the way *nibbles at muzzle*

You lost me @ wolf...then I only thought of the hangover :0
I can relate somewhat tough childhood I've been on my own since 16 ..it's a make a lot of mistakes and learn route-the most difficult path there is to be on your own w/ no guidance. -.- well that was life for me as a teen.

You have courage