Spirit of the Wolf -my Story-

Hey, I go by eternal or Alex you can call me eather. I'm 14 and I live in the tundra of Alaska. I have loved wolves pretty much my whole life. I've always had a strong sence of smell, hearing, and eye site. I gess you could say I relized I had the spirit of a wolf around 7 months ago. Soon after I started to howl and growl. I also have sharper and stronger teeth that humans. I also have strong natural instincts to protect my friends and family who are like my pack. I'm loyal, and not afride to stand up to others and ill admit I can get pretty angry sometimes. I also love meat, I haven't been able to have any raw meat but samon yet sadly but I still eat twice as much as my family. So yep I'm a were wolf and always will be no matter what anyone says. If anyone's looking to start a pack or has a pack in Alaska please reply here or message me. Thanks. Also I'm always looking for more information about are kind and am willing to sit and listen. ^-^
EternalHowling EternalHowling
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

look i always loved wolves too, i draw wolves, i howl XD,i think i have a wolf soul inside of me

Lol, yep. Wolves are awesome. I love to howl too it sucks though when I'm like walking in a store or something and i really want to howl but i have to supress it.