About Me (part Two): The Big Bad *****

Now I'm going to tell you why I'm such a *****.

You all **** me off. Your a bunch of whiney, self righteous, disrespectful CHILDREN. You are not alphas, you are not half breeds, and most of you aren't really wolves. You have butchered what it is to be wolf. You are the reason we are ridiculed and have such a bad image.

On Alphas.

There are no teenage alphas. An alpha even in natural wolf standards is an adult. There is no 'mature for my age'. The reason why is because you simply lack the resources and REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE to be in a leadership position.

An alpha is confident and capable, as are all ranked members. They do not have to have their hands held and told what to do. I earned my position through experience, respect, and the fact I literally took a hit for a pup. They all came together without my participation and decided to form a pack and asked me to lead as alpha. I accepted. That was about five years ago. I have only added three people since and have never lost a member. I am highly scrutinizing on those I bring in and as a result we have never had an internal conflict. All my members are adults as well. I have 1 beta, 1 gamma, and 1 personal guard and another in training. Then there is the rest of the pack. This is all I need to manage my pack affairs. Most of which I see to myself.

I grew up in the old ways. Most of you simply make up things as you go and that is why your packs are utter chaos and simply fall apart in a matter of months. When you half-*** build something it's only going to run half-***.

On packs.

This whole pack healer, guardian, shamaan (it's spelled shaman by the way) is a load of garbage. They are unnecessary titles to make children feel special. If I need something specific done I go to the best qualified be they wolf or not.

On shifting.

There is NO ONE who shifts before reaching adulthood. PERIOD. If you say otherwise you are a fake. That's like saying a newborn can walk and talk. It's simply not going to happen. And to put something to rest. P-shift has ALWAYS stood for physical shift and M-shift has always stood for mental shift.

On the werewolf spell.

It is a load of garbage. Once upon a time it did exist. Not anymore for several reasons. One was that it was unstable, unpredictable, and extremely dangerous and NEVER cast on oneself. Secondly the degree of magic to do such a thing no longer exists. Most living beings simply do not have the capabilities to even tap into energy on a large scale, let alone harbor it and focus it.


Most of you have no idea what they do nor how to tell a real hunter from a fake. I have hunter friends. In fact I work for them sometimes. There are kids feeding on the stereotype the same way there are kids pretending to be werewolves.

Now to start pointing out my specific people.

Honestly I think it's one and the same given the insane obsession and trolling. Honestly I don't care either way. It started with me saying I thought he was full of ****. Still do. Because I refused to apologize for my own OPINION. I received death threats, slander, and accusations. (For those of you who watched the whole succubus thing lol). That was the purpose of part one. Does that sound like a plague on all wolf kin that will destroy all and bring about the end of all wolves? He went on to send me messages claiming that he was going to contact authorities claiming I was forcing him to commit suicide.....because I would not apologize. Really? Does that sound like a stable individual? As the morph puppet goes..I am called a liar. Despite repeated questions as to what I have lied about, he has never said. Their is claim to being a follower of god, a Druid, and a high priest. These are vastly different and conflicting ideologies. Hmm.


I have tried multiple times to be nice to you and have constantly been met with animosity and disrespect that is unwarranted. Frankly I'm at the point fuckit. Your a whiney brat and I will laugh when every pack your in falls apart.

LunarApostle and EuropeanAlphaFemale

There is soooo much here I'm just going to cut to the chase. They may be wolf but a lot simply doesn't add up. Some of what she says is indeed accurate but a lot however is not. Werewolves have many diff breeds and types that originated in many diff countries not just European ones. No having a mate is NOT a requirement of being an alpha. No there is not a physical pack in Europe of that size. I've looked for them for years. I would have found it. Most are smaller and much more spread out. None that old either. Given that wolf kin experienced a form of mass genocide I cannot accept there would be one that big and that old.


Honestly I like you dear but you tend to be a tad on the gullible side. I give this mostly to your youth and eagerness to learn.


I like you a lot. I feel for you a lot and try to be there for you. But honestly hun you need to get yourself together and take control of your pack before it implodes. You wanna be a leader then act the part. It was your responsibility to take care of the sage matter and you didn't. You should have investigated the kyu incident as well and the incident where crow got sick.


He is my friend and he defends me as I would him. Simple as that. That is true loyalty to one another.

DescendantofOssory and SilentProtector

Both are friends of mine who I have grown close to as well and have done work for. They do not serve me and I do not ask anything of them. What they do is of their own accord.


Despite our squabbles and the fact I still don't believe in hybrids aside. I still respect him and like him because despite his highly aggressive attitude he tells it like it is and is not a push over.


You ooze so much attitude and create FAAAR more conflict than I ever could. Your vulgar and petty most of the time and truth be told I ignore what you say most of the time because its always the same.

To crimson snows beta male

I won't say this outright because I know what it entails. But you should really talk to your alpha about something's before you start listening to gossip from someone else.

I don't care if this ****** people off. Welcome to how I feel about the garbage a lot of you spew. You don't want me calling you out than stop spreading ignorance. I assure you they go hand in hand. THAT is why I'm such a *****. Cause you act like a bunch of crying, overly sensitive, bickering children. If you want to be taken seriously then act the part. I can judge all I want because that's the real world. EVERYONE judges. The same way that schools have cliques. The same way you judge me and my actions. To say you don't in some form or fashion is just a flat out lie.
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I may not be a werewolf however I do believe the ones running around pretending to be hunters and werewolves are getting to involved in the role playing games of the same name. Just because one plays a character in a game doesn't automatically make you one in real life. As you said before your born into it as you would be with any other society.

I find your bluntness and personality interesting.

Part 2 noted - now I'm guessing that most of your life will be out of my depth BUT the teachings within your life are relevant throughout the world, whatever your leaning. Honesty, respect, strength of character in the face of power without respect! And support for others when required. Bitchy - maybe. Honest and respected - definitely!

aww honey you're not a *****. you're honest ^^

Well said, SheAngel19. :)

<p>ain't taking offense i do see where ye are coming from</p>