Yeah I am a wolf, no I am not a pup. I am 19. I have read only a few stories on this page and not being a hater or anything but a few are clearly fake or high O.O I mean a pup shifting! You have to be serious. It is rather sad to see the young of my race have no idea on what they are.

I am no alpha since well I have no pack but I know the ways of it since I was once part of a physical pack. Also what is up with all these ranks? Pups should not have a high rank let alone be a alpha.

There were also a few stories that I find rather true, Jorvar123 is one of them as is Sheangel19.
Now I am new to this site and I would like to get to know any of the decent wolves on here so just message me or comment if you have questions.
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Hw did u become a werewolf? contact me on 07061504902

99.9% of the time you have to be born with the trait. they say getting bit can turn you, witchcraft spells can turn you, ancient native rituals like wearing wolf skin can turn you but in my experience and i am now 27, im a tad bit experienced and that stuff is just ****. unless anyone else knows any other way as far as being a werewolf its self you have to be born with it within you. as far as lycans and therians are concerned. not really sure

Well isn't a 19 y/o wolf still technically a pup? Not shifting wise but more on the side of learning things and such.

Not exactly, pups are about up to 18. I know my stuff, the things I need to know. Yes there is still things that I need to learn but everyone has things they need to know.

Oh I see now

I am no longer a pup.

Just to be clear you meant physical shift right?

I think that is what he meant.


Technically she is what we call a yearling wolf.

What's a yearling wolf?

The wolf equivilent to a young adult.

Oh I see

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please clearify one thing...when you say... "a pup shifting, you have to be serious" are you saying there are young wolves "pups" on here claiming to be shifting at a young age when they are clearly to young to shift?

Yes, way too young.

oh ok, yeah i agree with you there. pleased to meet you btw. *nibbles at muzzle* : )

You too :)