Help From An Elder Or Older Wolf Please.

I am far from a pup. i am 27 years old and have been a wolf for a while now. Ive experienced and learned a lot.... but one thing Ive never really taken the time to research about and learn on is Vampires. and the existence of them. i don't mean the energy sucking vampires i mean blood sucking ******** who are immortal. because i was attacked by something while i was in the woods a few weeks back and the only way i can describe it was a vampire. it bit my neck like some movie **** and ran off faster then Ive ever seen something move that was living. I'm both confused and little scared. since then my body has changed. i have emotional problems and BIG ANGER problems. my reflexes and senses are twice as heightened than before. i feel like all i want to do is smell and or taste blood. My shifting is 10 times harder than it has ever been. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!! so if someone is going to leave a smart *** comment about it then don't bother. i need serious feed back from someone who knows about the subject. is being a half breed possible... half werewolf half vampire!? orr am i going crazy!?
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Vampires are as real as you are. And yes it is possible for a half breed to exist. But after a while you may loose your wolf and become a full vamp. I am not sure what I am for I am only a fourteen year old but I know about these things...wolves and vampires are two breeds that most don't understand,but I understand both well enough. Just becareful that you don't let the bloodlust take over

Thank you all for your commments and knowladge

hybrid half wolf half vampire and yes its possible

I'm no wolf or anything I was jst curoius to knw more abt u.hpe I'm nt being rude coz this site is only for ppl like u I wid reali like to chat to if possible

Half breeds are possible though I'm not sure about how the two halves interact. Its rare for a vampire to attack a wolf though unless it was provoked. I'm not a wolf but a vampire. A bite does not always turn though...

I'm not an elder wolf, far from it really, but I can say that the blood drinking vampires I know don't take from anyone. I don't think most do either. Plus vampires like that aren't immortal, some say they are but it's most likely they aren't.

the only blood drinking vampires i know of are a sub culture that drink from willing donors. energy psych vampires and actual blood drinking vampires that find people willing to give them their blood for them to drink. but this that happened to me... is just really weird and has left me for a loss of words.

I had a dream about something like that. The bite hurt so much but yet not enough for me to yell about it. I still feel it really. It was strange.

maybe ill never know : ( i feel i may just have to except what is and live with it. ive just changed... thats all. especially emotionally.

How so? If I may ask that is

i have developed a BIG anger problem. my emotions are like out of control. sadness, depression, happiness its like i cant differentiate between them and it smashes all into to one giant emotion that turns into rage! i really REALLY i have a strange craving for blood. like i feel like i can smell it a mile away. and i know with me being a werewolf my senses were naturally heightened but now!? they are twice what they were before. also shifting has turned into a complication for me for some reason, I'm 27 and have not had any trouble shifting for years. but now. its like im a pup again when it comes to shifting.

I see, well that is some change

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Traditional vampires are not immortal and they do not act in such a way. They rarely get involved with wolves really.

Thats what i thought. immortal vampires don't exist. n they sure as hell dont jump from **** and attack people like in movies. less theres something we dont know?

Well, I'm no elder, but I do know vampires are real. I personally know some. I've never heard anything of them attacking wolves, but it's possible. My friends say its rare they purposely attack wolves. But I don't know anything about halfbreeds. Hope this helps

possible it didnt know i was a wolf? idk.. so lost