Strange Things

So today started out as a normal day. I went to school, started class and all was fine. Until a few hours into the day I noticed my sense of smell had vanished. Later, eyesight started tunneling and my ability to sense other people in the room was nonexistent. I got worried and then this weird feeling began to boil deep inside me. It was like raw power that wanted to explode out of me. I fought against it, fearing what would happen to me if I gave in. Eventually, the feeling went away and my senses came back. Is this normal? Has this or something similar happened to anyone else?
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your lucky try being a half demon that feeds on pain suffering and hate while your human half despises everything your demon half is

Happened to me many of times. My stories explain how it has happened if you want to take a look. (Its title is: "The Beast Within")

Wait, moongazer is your sis? 😯

I blend in with people, I take certain eyedrops that help my eyes not glow, I have to take a full wolfsbane injection, it helps you build a tolerance to it. Hope this helps!

something like that happened to me when i was younger to at the beggining of my journey into m shifting. like i said the POWER of being a werewolf is something great but remember your humanity.

It has happened to me in my house I felt powerful but I got control and sometimes I carave raw meat

I had something like that happen the first day I went back to school too. The only thing was that it was the opposite and a little weirder. The wolf senses began to heighten (hearing, smell, etc.) and my vision began to shift between walking with students in the hall to running with a pack a wolves in the forest. When I was angry I would hear a growl but no one would be around or be growling and just everything around me started to put me on edge. I jumped at the smallest sound and I had the urge to run out into the near by forest just to run away. I thought it was just something about the shock of being around so many humans at once after being secluded in my home for two weeks, but then I remembered my mom dragged me to the mall a few times and that didn't happen. So I'm not sure what happened either.

Hm I've actually been acting more like that ever since I got back from Christmas break. I get more agitated quickly and I feel myself wanting to get out of school quick.

I know. It's really strange. This is the first time I've felt like this, ever :/

Same here