I've read through many of the stories here and I keep seeing two diffrent veiws on how some one is a werewolf. One is that its through genetics and I've seen somepeople say or infure that they actually shift into a wolf... Others say that its your spirit and that your spirit is a wolf. People with this veiw also say that the shift is more mental and on the astral plain. (<-this is the one I am) The things that these groups bolth seem to agree on is that you can not be bitten to be canged, there is no spell that will change you, and that you have to be +17 to P-shift. I'm not saying eather of thes opions are wrong. I would just like people to clarify a bit more for people like me who are confused pups.

Another thing regarding humans, werewolves, & spells/magic/wiccans.
I'd like to point out something that is just plain old crazy & sad. I've seen a few people say that they have a wiccan/witch friend whos going to curse them, when Wiccans Do Not Use Curses nor will they just go around cursing people or doing anything related to black{evil} magic {magic with a bad intetion}. So who ever says that they have a Wiccan friend whos going to curse them they should know that that person is not wiccan if they do that and that it will most likly cause the Witch harm or karma. One thing that I will say they could do is a spell to awaken your inner spirit or one to help find what your spirit is. They could also read tarot cards or runes to help deterime. I myslef have written a spell that helped me and if anyone wants to know more about that please pm me or post here but do not ask me to curse or bite you because that will not happen or work.

Thanks for reading and sorry if I offended anyone because it was not intetional.

Blessed Be,
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Several things. Not all spells are universal and no one can tell you what you are. Its that whole its the journey and not the destination.

They are not two conflicting ideas they are two different things. Spirit ones are therians. Werewolves are well werewolves.

Lastly aside from the typos I actually enjoyed this posting.

Ok, thanks I didn't really get that they were quite that separate but your explaintion was helpfull. Also sorry for the typos my spelling can be pretty bad, I should probably spell check my stuff more often.

Normally I would be more in depth about it but im at work right now

Therians are humans with the wolf spirit, making them able to mentally shift as well on the astral plane.

Yah, Lol just to day I was looking up on Therians too. I'm more cerious about the recent storys were many people say its genetics and such, but thanks for your clarifcation.

No prob. Yeah werewolves are the physical shifters as well as the others. But Therians can only shift their spirit (which may mean their mentality as well) if you want more detailed info, I'm sure an older wolf will comment with better info than I can give

I could but im at work lol.