I beleive in werewolves and the paranormal but never expected myslef to be ine and every one keeps tslking about this 'shift' i dont know what this is but ive had loads if moments where i zone out i blink and im in a forest running on all four hearing howling and i see the breath coming out and u hear everything and then i stop i howl and then im back again but sometimes they go on for a while and i love them and the feel and the emotion i get its great and erm one question does any one else feel comforted by the moon and usually end up talking to it is soo beautifull and my favorite time of moon isnt full moon its la luna del chachatori it means hunters moon and it helps me see in a way its a gentle giant flashlight in the sky helping you see just a little but more and i love it i feel so energized and at peaceat the same time if anyone fels they same way plz tell me
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I know it just makes me at peace even when i am all tense

I do. I love the moon. I love to just look out of my window and see it up there watching over me its just comforting.