Bloodbound Pack

Hi, I'm Shania, but my wolf name is Alice. I am starting a pack, and I'm looking for newer wolf therians to join. we will have this group on Facebook soon too, once there is enough wolves for us to be called a pack. I am not starting this pack because I am set on being an Alpha, I am starting this pack because the last pack I was in, The Unbroken Pack, well... our Alpha left us and now it is becoming broken, everyone is leaving. You must know that I am still part of that pack, and for those who join my new pack, The Bloodbound Pack, I will want us to be Allies with all that remains of the Unbroken Pack. Please, any new wolf therians that are looking for a family, or those who have left another pack, please feel free to message me about joining my pack. I will accept anyone that is willing to treat their pack mates like the family they are. Thanks and have a wonderful day.
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18-21, F
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I would like to join but I'm unable to message you..

Please. The Unbroken pack is not broken! So it loses it's alpha? We have yet another. We ARE strong! We Are together Unbroken!

No pack stands by losing a alpha outside of a challenge.

I do. Clearly you have no idea what the meaning of pack is. You stand by your pack,no matter what.

I have real pack not online and no child lead, no alpha no pack because that isn't the server of the pack it's the leader.
Alpha is position no one walks away from there over thrown

Good for you. Sorry,I got confused. I thought you were saying to not stand by my pack. I should read carefully. But the ex alpha left,I don't know why,but they did. They are now a loner. But my pack stays strong,it has a new alpha to lead us,and besides the change of the alphas,everything is just the same.

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I'd be careful with that name


Collar born wolves used for hunting are called that

Wait... which name? Alice? Or the Bloodbound...?


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I think she means her human name and what she is called in wolf for don't all therians have a wolf name?

exactly, I wasn't saying that I'm 2 different beings, my name is Shania/Alice, my wolf side, my true self, is Alice, but Shania is the name that my parents gave me at birth.

"My wolf"? ...your wolf form isn't a separate being. You ARE a wolf, you don't HAVE a wolf. I don't know who is responsible for all of this "my wolf" nonsense, but they are really misleading the youth of our kind.

you are funny :p

...I know...thanks

Ossory,is like to speak with you more on this "my wolf" thing if you will allow it.


Then why not message me?

I would,but I'm asking for your permission first.

You don't need to ask to permission to speak with me

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